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Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Hillary told friends Obama is 'incompetent and feckless': book"

[This is a post from June 27, 2014. I only wish the incident had gotten more publicity.]

The NY Post has a revealing article this morning detailing Hillary's honest opinion of Obama, as excerpted from Blood Feud, a new book by Edward Klein. The first paragraph of the article:

Hillary Rodham Clinton called President Obama “incompetent and feckless” and charged that he had “no hand on the tiller half the time,” during a boozy reunion with college pals, a new book claims.

"The thing with Obama is he can't be bothered," Clinton continued. (In other words, he's lazy.)

Google offers the following definition of "feckless": lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible. offers this definition of "shiftless": lacking in resourcefulness; inefficient; lazy.

So "shiftless" and "feckless" mean pretty much the same thing.

Interesting that Hillary, the Democrats' great hope for 2016, would effectively call our nation's first black President lazy and shiftless.

(The private Hillary certainly seems far more interesting than the public one, who sidesteps every question she is asked.)

In vino veritas.


mark said...

Lazy I can go with but O ran a smarter campaign then Hill in 2008 and a tougher, smarter campaign then Romney in 2012. I think Obama is a wock, wannabe jock who only really works hard in a competition with someone else. It is pure zero sum game stuff. On the other hand, I don't know Obama personally so maybe my theory is a crock.

John Craig said...

Mark --
That sounds about right. Obama seems to have benefitted from affirmative action in a big way, it helped get him into Occidental, then Columbia, then Harvard Law School, and being black undoubtedly had something to do with why he got that editorship of the law Review. Then, because he seemed like a presentable young man with the right credentials, they ran him for Senator in 2004, and, because America was thirsting for a black President, for that office in 2008.

But the point of this post was Hillary, not Obama. She basically called him lazy and shiftless, and, because she was Hillary, somehow got away with it.