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Monday, December 1, 2008

What a swell guy

A Ford spokesman said today that when CEO Alan Mulally comes to Washington D.C. for Congressional hearings later this week, he will make the trip by car.

Does this strike anyone as a little transparent?

After the outcry over the Big Three CEOs having each arrived by private jet for the last Congressional hearings, there was of course no way that any of them would repeat that mistake.

But does anyone believe that once they get their bailout package, they won't go back to their profligate ways?

Given the tone deafness for public relations this crowd has shown thus far, Ford CEO Mulally will probably arrive in a Mercedes.

ADDENDUM: Five hours later. GM has now announced that their CEO, Rick Wagoner, will be driving to the Congressional hearings in a hybrid Chevrolet. Obviously, just another regular guy.

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