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Monday, July 27, 2009


I just read that Officer Crowley recorded the entire Gates arrest/incident on an open mike. If that is true, I certainly hope that the recording is made public.

There is nothing more gratifying in a he-said-she-said controversy than to have a recording, either video or audio, pop up to show which side is lying.

If this recording does exist, let's hope the mainstream media doesn't just squelch it.

It would be a wonderful opportunity for Americans to decide for themselves who was really at fault here. That would truly be a teachable moment.


Anonymous said...

Any new information on the supposed recording? Was it released (and I missed it), never existed, or buried by the media?

John Craig said...

Thanks for asking. I heard somewhere that the recording was so fuzzy as to be next to useless, and that it didn't even pick everybody up half the time. Whether that's true or not, I couldn't tell you.