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Friday, October 16, 2009

Time for a little defensiveness

I was recently informed that this blog is neither inspirational nor uplifting.

I guess yesterday's post "Schadenfreude Magazine" would be a good example of that. (Is there a word which means the opposite of "uplifting"?)

Sorry, but this blog is meant only to be amusing, and slightly educational (mostly for me, when I have to look stuff up to augment my usually scanty knowledge). At best it will help crystallize your own thoughts. At worst it is gossip-mongering and self-indulgent. Either way, I hope it is fun.

But it's not uplifting.

In fact, I've even been told in the past that this blog is at times mean-spirited.

Guilty as charged.

I submit, however, that it is impossible to be funny without being mean. If I'm going to skewer someone -- including myself -- I have to aim accurately, otherwise it is just meaningless -- and not really funny.

Anyway, "uplifting" is beyond my abilities (which stop short at, and sometimes of, "entertaining.")

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