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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why you should become a film director

(Left, Roman Polanski with first wife Sharon Tate; above right, Polanski with second wife Emanuelle Seigner)

These photographs are all the evidence you'll ever need as to why you should want to be a film director. Even if you resemble an undersized rat -- and Polanski wouldn't even make a particularly prepossessing member of that species -- you can get women who look like goddesses.


Anonymous said...

And still he felt the need to force his rat-like self on an adolescent girl. Guess some are never satisfied, even with a goddess.

John Craig said...

Anonymous -- Thank you for your comment. He actually raped the 13 year old girl in the late 70's, almost a decade after his first wife Sharon Tate had been killed by the Manson family, and before he met Emanuelle Seigner, his second. Not that that justifies rape -- and it was rape, not just statutory rape.

I hope he has to do some real time in at least a medium security facility. The only drawback is that now that he's past 70, the other inmates will not find his body attractive enough to allow him to experience what that 13 year old did. Justice delayed, justice denied.