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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What happened to the WASPs?

A recent NY Times article about Kevin McCrary, the son of Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburgh, drove home what's happened to WASPS in this country. McCrary, born into social aristocracy, is now a hoarder, and, like all hoarders, completely unable to control his compulsion to accumulate bric a brac. (The article was mostly about how he has turned his apartment into a fire hazard, and is about to be evicted.)

That, in microcosm, is what's happened to the Anglos in this country: they've disappeared into a million little corners, surrounded by outdated knickknacks, bereft of power and, in some cases, their sanity.

Where did they all go?

They've become homosexuals, and disappeared into the homosexual ghetto. Or they immerse themselves in a sport, and that sport becomes their passion and life's calling. If you're not into that sport yourself, those types are basically invisible. They become hippies (or their modern day variants, New Agers.)

They go into blue collar professions -- policemen, firemen, ironworkers -- the backbone of this country. But as such, they become background noise to the chattering classes. Or they join the military -- the real backbone -- and become nothing but a collective symbol, the individuals rarely seen by anybody other than people in their branch of the service.

Or they become schizophrenic, or anorexic, or bulimic, or autistic, or bipolar. Or, they just let their neuroses get the better of them.

The WASPs have simply scattered off in a million different directions, having completely forgotten that they're part of a greater whole -- Europeans. As a race, they are dysfunctional.

Anglos help their children, and their close personal friends. But beyond that, they pretty much subscribe to an every-man-for-himself ethos. A nice Jewish lady once told me, when I was at a Club Med, "You probably think of yourself as a man first, then maybe after that as your occupation, then after that as your ethnicity. What you don't understand is that Jews think of themselves as Jews first, second, and third."

I wouldn't argue with that. The Jewish drive to power, both the personal and group varieties, has completely overtaken the hapless WASPs.

Think of the people you know. Jewish people with IQ's of 120 or higher tend to do things which will in some way, no matter how obliquely, help further Jewish influence. They become labor lawyers. Or corporate lawyers. Or criminal lawyers. Or they become doctors affiliated with hospitals where they can help set policy. Or they become newspapermen, or work for a network. They become aides to Congressmen and help write legislation. Or they work for a TV show, or go to work for a talent agency. In business, they start as middlemen, then find a way to leverage that into becoming owners. Or, they just go directly to Wall Street. They become academics, and teach pliable young college students how to think. Or they become economists.

Eventually, most of the Ivy League universities end up with Jewish Presidents, and most of the major sports leagues end up with Jewish commissioners, and half the talking heads you see on TV are Jewish, and most powerful Hollywood producers are Jewish, and all of the recent heads of the Federal Reserve Bank are Jewish. And after a while, it seems as if those positions are no longer even open to Anglos.

Jewish people succumb to mental illness, too. But if it's just an ordinary neurosis they have, instead of letting it cripple them, they always seem to somehow harness it to climb even further.

Now think of the Anglos you know with IQ's over 120. They tend to pursue more Quixotic callings.  They become ornithologists, or herpetologists, or zoologists of some sort, and strangely, develop an affection for those species. And they spend much of their lives in the field, practically invisible to other people. Or they get involved in environmental causes, which affect the balance of power between people and other creatures, but not between different peoples. Or they become engineers and work for companies which are ultimately bought and sold by Jewish financiers.

Or they do whatever will pay the bills, and live for their hobbies. Like fly fishing. Or mountaineering. Or building model trains. Or triathloning. Or bird watching. Or sailing.

Or, they slide into alcoholism. Which, as Jackie Mason used to point out, is a disease of Anglos. (Go to an AA meeting sometime and count the number of Jewish people you see.)

Or they become hoarders, like Kevin McCrary.

Yes, I know there are plenty of exceptions, on both sides. But the general tendencies still hold.

You used to hear about the East Coast Protestant establishment. You don't hear that phrase much anymore.

This blog has always been forthright about the effects of IQ on a given ethnic group's place in society, and it's true that Jews average higher than Anglos. But that alone does not account for the near complete social transformation which has taken place in a mere two generations. The fact that it could happen so quickly is testament not only to the average Jewish IQ, but to their ambition and cohesiveness as well.

The WASPs? They went in a million different directions, never once thinking themselves part of a greater whole. Jewish people never lose sight of their own tribe. WASPS can't even see theirs. Maybe they deserve to go the way of dodo bird.


Anonymous said...

Hi John--Very interesting article especially since it's mostly accurate, from my experience anyway. As a recovered Catholic, (not recovering) I'm neither WASP nor Jew. Maybe this explains why so many people ask me what I do all day. Maybe I'll take up fly fishing. Hey, I gotta do something:) Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
I know "WASP" means White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but I was actually using the term a little more broadly, to include Catholics, even though they weren't really part of the pre-1960 power structure. (I realize that's a misuse of the term.)

Anonymous said...

It is surprising how fast the anglos lost their power in America.

One reason, most white people were excluded from the anglo power structure. this caused some resentments which have lingered to this day. The WASPs became an easy target for leftists and populists movements. They were never a truly united people, so they never had a cohesive plan to keep their power.

one thing that seemed to help the Jews, affirmative action in education and government. While minority enrollment went up at the top universities, it was mostly at the expense of non-wealthy WASPS. Affirmative action did not reduce the number of Jews attending the top schools, but greatly reduced the opportunities for middle class and working class whites.

I grew up in an Irish Catholic family, our neighborhood was 60% Irish, I could never identify with WASPs or Anglos. I worked as a busboy at the exclusive Merion Golf and Cricket club in the 80s. They still had no catholic members at the cricket club, while 90% of the busboys and kitchen staff were Irish Catholics. The lifestyle and worldview of the WASPs was so foreign to me.

John Craig said...

Anon --
All true. I saw an article by Pat Buchanan once in which he pointed out that the most underrepresented group at Harvard were Irish and German Catholics, who were close to 30% of the population at the time, but only 1% of the entering class. Blacks were 12% of the population and something like 7% of the class, Hispanics were 12% and 5%, Asians 5% and 15%, Protestants were slightly underrepresented (I forget the exact numbers), and Jews were 2% of the population and something like 33% of the entering class. It was an eye-opening statistic. (Buchanan was making the point that if you want to have affirmative action, let's have it for everybody.)

jova said...

Interesting, I knew catholics were not well represented at Harvard, but was surprised to see Irish Catholics at 1%.

funny that Jews were the first victims of affirmative action, when Harvard restricted their enrollment to under 10% of its students back before 1920. While they actively fought this form of affirmative action they actively supported the affirmative action policies of the 60s which increased "minority enrollment" which came at the expense of WASPs and other whites while keeping the Jewish enrollment above 20%. Today affirmative action mostly hurts Asian Americans, while jews continue to escape the modern quota system, as anytime someone notices their excess representation at Universities or Government , they will be attacked as being anti-semitic .

So called "white" people do not have any defense, no group or organization to defend themselves. In addition, most whites in America do not identify with the WASPs and thus do not take offense when they are attacked by the mainstream media and powerful political groups. For example many Irish Americans and italian Americans are glad to see the WASPs getting demonized in the media, just as the WASPs enjoy seeing the Italians and Irish portrayed negatively, while the poor whites in the south continue to have a negative view of catholics, and the upper class East coast WASPs who were behind the civil War.

Whites have been further divided by the new "hispanic" category. in 1950 hispanic fought to be considered white, and many today would appear to be white, but the new category offers too many advantages, thus they rush to join the hispanic category.

My wife is beginning to understand this. She refused to be categorized as hispanic, she immigrated to America in 1994 from Chile at age 21 and when applying for college checked the white box. She never identified as hispanic, did not understand the politics here in America. Her mother was also confused when people told her she was hispanic , she thought they assumed she was Spanish and would correct them, saying she was not hispanic but from Chile.

When we had children, the hospital tried to label her as hispanic, and our children as hispanic, which my wife refused to do. Hispanic is a strange category, since one could be a WASP , but if born and raised in Mexico, you can be considered an hispanic. It is also strange to see the descendants of the biggest slave traders in history (the Spanish) and the descendants of the conquistadors are able to get special treatment in America because they speak Spanish. I can understand why some people supported affirmative action for Blacks, as they were discriminated against for decades, but I don't understand why immigrants from Cuba, Mexico, Columbia etc... get special quotas here in America.

John Craig said...

Jova --
Great analysis. Yes, our country becomes increasingly Balkanized. To add to the morass, blacks now resent Hispanics for the fact that they get affirmative action even though many are first generation and they never were enslaved. Amerindian hispanics resent everybody because this was originally their land. Most Hispanics resent the Cuban-Americans who came here in the 1950's because they're white and conservative….

Basically, any group which has had contact with any other group resents them.

But, our diversity is our strength.

Anonymous said...

You forgot biker gangs - pillars of the WASP community.

John Craig said...

G --
Are they Anglos? I never thought about it, but I guess they are.

I was surprised to learn that the Hells Angels started out as a bunch of ex-servicement after WWII, and sort of evolved from there. I don't think they encourage intra-white rivalry though. I guess Sonny Barger was Anglo,, but wasn't Chuck Zito a recent leader of theirs too? He's about as Italian as they come.

Anonymous said...

You've just re-illustrated the Anglo problem, they create a great tribal institution like the Hells Angels and then they let an Italian take over.....;)