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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What kind of doctor would you be?

The young man from the previous post just recounted a recent conversation he'd had. He was talking to a college student who is thinking about applying to med school, and asked him what kind of doctor he wanted to be.

The student jokingly said he wanted to be a gynecologist.

The young man then told him, "Listen, the unicorn is a magical animal. But if you had to spend your entire day shoveling unicorn shit, would you still find them as enchanting? And do you really want to live in a world where unicorns have completely lost their appeal?"


Anonymous said...

Not the best analogy. If there were unicorns, there would be one class of people who ride them, and another to shovel their shit. And not many vadges have shit coming out of them.
The way to look at the question is, to look around the general public (not just your college campus) and keep one of those umpire's ball-strike clickers in your pocket. Every woman you see -- young, old, fat, thin, white, black, brown, yellow, red -- ask yourself, "Would I really want to see her pussy? And smell it?" If your clicker doesn't have far more Nays than Yeas (Balls and Strikes are open to different interpretation for this topic), you have a vision problem, or you like pussy way too much to be allowed a gynocologists' license.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Ha! I'm with you: I'd have far more nays than yeas -- which I guess would qualify me to e a gyno, other than that I haven't been to med school.

But I think the young man's point was that if you were a full-time gyno, your ratio would go from, say, ten nays: one yea to a hundred nays: one yea. And that would make the world a much less appealing place.

In a way, it would make you old before your time. Another way to look at it, after a while it WOULD seem as if those vadges have shit coming out of them, to use your phrase.

arthur thurman said...

Here's the winner of the bunch when I googled "don't go to a make gynecologist".

Apparently, according to the author of this article, men pick the specialization to see in her term "va-jajays" all day to get their rocks off.

I constantly find it fascinating how some of the biggest monsters left to be slain(sexism, racism, hell any "ism" that's currently trendy)are also used when it is convenient. I'm not saying someone choosing their doctor based on gender is bad. What is bad is when an entire field can be generalized in one complete basis as gender. How is that ok when saying I don't want to be seen by (insert ethnicity) is not? Running abit long on my comment but the point I'm trying to make is: shouldn't the preference be on the doctor's skill, education and reputation?

John Craig said...

Arthur --
I just read the article, was expecting worse, didn't find it hypocritical in any way. I think she was mostly trying to be funny, and understand her discomfort completely.

To your larger point though, yes, it's always interesting that "racism" and "sexism" are only allowed to point in one direction, and when they point in the other, are never called that.

And yes, a commonsensical woman would value competence above gender.