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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rod Stewart

When I went to parties during my ninth grade, in 1969, I used hear Jeff Beck's I Ain't Superstitious -- with Rod Stewart on vocals -- all the time. I loved the song then, and still do.

Here's a clip of Stewart performing at Royal Albert Hall in London in 2004.

In December 2012 Stewart released an album of Christmas music. That marked the sixth straight decade in which he's released an album.

During that time he's had eight children with five women.

Given that during the 60's he looked like a strung out druggie and he always sounded hungover, it's a surprise to see him still going strong.

A pleasant surprise.


jova said...

Rod Stewart had a lot of talent, but wish he had done more with the Faces and Rod Wood

I saw him in 1988 in Philly, because my girlfriend was a fan. Funny, I thought he was an old has-been at the time. I was only 19 years old, my girlfriend was 21 and she and her friends were big fans of his work from the late 70s early 80s.

It was a good show, we had a great time. I am surprised he is still touring as he is close to 70 years old now.

John Craig said...

Jova --
I watched an interview with Stewart on Youtube from a British TV show called "Loose Women," and he was surprisingly charming and with it. I think a lot of those 60's rockers pretended to be wilder than they actually were, at least as far as drugs go, just for the sake of their image.

The funny thing is, you're right, in 1988 Stewart DID seem like a washed up talent. And in fact, he never came up with any more original songs after that, but he's got a unique voice and presentation, and he's made a good living since doing covers, most notably with his Great American Songbook.

Nineteen with a 21-year-old girlfriend, eh? That must have made you feel sophisticated. I remember when I was 22 I briefly had a 28-year-old girlfriend; looking back, I couldn't have possibly been more naive at that age, but I thought I was quite the fellow.