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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Honey shot

I was surprised to see the New York Times put a picture of these twin sisters on their front page this morning:

The Times didn't use either of these photos; for some reason, I couldn't copy theirs. But you get the idea. They are Anna and Kristy Berington, who are competing in the Iditarod sled race this year. The Times' angle was that there are more women competing in the race than ever, and that they are competitive with the men. The title of the article was, Enduring the Iditarod as Equals.

(If you scroll through the pictures accompanying the linked article, you can see the shot of the twins they put on their front page.)

It wasn't surprising that the Times would push their feminist agenda; they always do, even in their articles on sports. What was surprising was that they would use a honey shot the way they did.

Normally the august Gray Lady does not stoop to using pictures of pretty girls on their front page to attract interest. But they seem to have this time.

It was also surprising how good-looking some of these mushers are. Here's Katherine Keith, another entrant in this year's race:

Places like Sweden, and Norway have always had reputations for having lots of good-looking females. But I also know a few guys who've been to those places, and came back disappointed.

Now I'll finally be able to give these guys some good advice: go to Alaska -- that's where the really hot babes are!


Anonymous said...

Now that I know about these twin sisters. I'm interested in knowing more about them. They have an interesting occupation.

- Susan

Anonymous said...

gorgeous women john craig.

the twins looks very healthy and uh...athletic. little too manly for my tastes though.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Alaska, but I have been told that it is a place where sturdy, reliable, loyal-looking, THE MOTHER OF STRONG CHILDREN types of ladies can hook up better percentagewise than in the hairdressing and fashion cities, owing to a statistical chick shortage.

John Craig said...

Susan --
I think I read they're from Wisconsin (they may actually just be in Alaska for the race, I'm not sure). Their name is Berington, which means they have some Anglo blood, but judging from the way they look and their native state, i'm guessing they're at least half-Scandinavian as well. And, like most mushers, especially female mushers, they probably love dogs. they look happy, and seem close to each other, so they probably come from a nice family. Having entered this race, they have no small amount of physical courage. And, given the time they need to devote to their calling, and their healthy, outdoorsy appearance, I doubt they have any overwhelming intellectual interests. That's as much as I can figure.

John Craig said...

Anon from 1:16AM --
Yes, gorgeous. I tend not to go for the broad-beamed, overly athletic types myself, but I'd say these two make the cut.

John Craig said...

Anon from 3:08--
Interesting, that makes sense. 'Hardy frontierswoman wanted to establish clan in remote wilderness."

And yes, Alaska has always been known for its "shortage" of women, since so many of the jobs there are traditional men's jobs.

The bit about how Alaska is where the hot babes are was a little bit of an inside evoke. My son, who was formerly stationed at Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks, once explained to me that an "Alaska 7" was a Lower Forty-eight 5.

Steven said...

I heard from a serious womaniser that he thinks Scandinavian women are the most feminist of all western women, while he held up Thai women as models of femininity and the most pleasant company.

Whether or not you agree with his value judgement, this assessment of Scandinavians makes sense since, as I'm sure you know, Scandinavian countries are seen as some of the most liberal and left wing countries in the world and are highly regarded by American liberals.

John Craig said...

Steven --
I've heard the same, and have also heard that there's a brisk business in Thai mail order brides in Denmark and elsewhere for that reason.

Steven said...

I've always got the impression its the guys who couldn't get a native woman, rather than didn't want one, who got thai brides- the omega types- but maybe there's some of that too.

In any case, having a beautiful Thai wife seems like a pretty sweet situation, tho preferably you are compatible and she is in love with you!

John Craig said...

Steven --
That's always been my impression as well, that mail order is for losers. (Not that I've ever known anyone who had a mail order bride.)

Meeting sex partners online used to have a loser's feel to it too, though evidently these days everyone does it. (I've talked to young people who say they don't know anyone who ISN'T on Tinder.)

Steven said...

Yeah, its ideal don't have to go to a bar or cold approach people in public. It gives you contact with an endless supply of single potential mates with no approach anxiety. Plus it seems more fun and light and less desperate than a serious dating website.

I'm not on it actually... I am resisting getting a smart phone but my sister is in a relationship and pregnant and I think they met on tinder. She never went on it for 'hook ups', just dates.

(I was thinking yesterday, in most previous human generations, people would have been born and died in a world without much change in the technology, and often would have even had grandparents who lived their lives in the same world. That must have been nice in a certain way).

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, I'm eating my heart out that Tinder wasn't around when I was young.