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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Millionth view

If you look at the number at the very bottom of this page, this blog got its millionth page view a couple nights ago.

That seems a somewhat meaningful milestone. And now, finally, after racking my brains, I realize that what it means is…..exactly nothing.

It's just a random, round number, which people often attach significance to, but really signifies nothing.

If you add up the numbers of posts in the index in the right hand column of this blog, you'll also see that I've now written 2000 posts. That, too, ought to mean something. But after racking my brains trying to figure out what, the only conclusion I can draw is that I'm somewhat obsessive. ("Somewhat" being an understatement.)

Anyway, I suppose I'm commemorating both milestones with this post, my two thousand and first. ("2001….a space cadet odyssey.")

See you at 2002.

But, while I'm on the subject of this blog:

Socrates famously said, "The unexamined life isn't worth living." (And he has been quoted ever since, ad nauseum, by New York Times book reviewers and their ilk.)

I'm beginning to think the overly examined life isn't really worth living, either.

I just counted: roughly half of the posts this month have been, directly or indirectly, about me. (This view of my navel does get awfully tiresome.)

And I understand that a meaningless milestone about how many viewers this blog has had is of absolutely n interest to anyone but me. But, I figured I could make a couple of jokes about it, so...

Anyway, I'll try to be a tad less egocentric going forward. Of course, now that I think of it, I guess this post is also about me.

Time to look outward.


Anonymous said...

People don't understand what Socrates means about the "unexamined life", despite repeating that quote over and over. He means people who have not examined their own priorities or attitudes. Socrates believes that virtue is required for a happy life, and that people who do evil do so out of ignorance that they are harming themselves by such acts. He believes that only someone who has examined his own integrity, and felt true remorse for his past errors, can lead a happy life. He isn't talking about being opinionated, or 'navel gazing'. If anything, most philosophers would maintain that being opinionated is a good thing.

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
Thank you, you are better informed than I am. That's interesting about what Socrates really meant, and it actually relates to the study of sociopathy. I've said earlier that sociopaths can never be truly happy:

And now someone far smarter than me has confirmed it. (Gethin you can interpret that "someone" to be either yourself or Socrates, either would be true.)

You also bring up an interesting point about being opinionated. it's one of the most misleading words in circulation. EVERYBODY is opinionated, whether they admit it or not, and the only people who are not are those who are brain dead.

Anonymous said...

HI John--Congradulations on that milestone, that's no number to sneeze at. People lie but numbers don't, as they say. I've been meaning to say that I've observed that when a post is longer than about 8" in length I tend to not read it because I don't want to admit to myself that I have that much time on my hands for entertainment-regardless of quality-or it's just too long for me. For what it's worth, this blog, like hitting a tennis ball, has a sweet spot in terms of length, to me anyway. PS-I am severely ADHC (clinically) so please consider the source. Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
Thank you, and thank you for making the effort to read the posts. I know i lose some people when i write a longer one, but every now and then I have something to say which requires more than 8" of space.