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Friday, October 2, 2015

Another commenter insulting himself

In June of 2011 I wrote a sociopath alert about Frank Abagnale, the con man about whom the movie Catch Me if You Can was about.

Yesterday I got the following comment on the post from "Mark":

what is this the Jerry Springer show? Is that retard Steve Wilko going to throw people off the stage. Uneducated finger pointing trailer trash calling people sociopaths and narcissists as if the they have a clue. Passing judgement is so unproductive.How disrespectful to this life we are lucky enough to have that you draw conclusions with such tiny amount of facts. So this is what feels like to be a hypocrite.

I replied:

"Passing judgment is so unproductive"?

What exactly is it you just did?

Mark is a perfect illustration of someone whose worst insults are unwittingly about himself. First he calls me "uneducated finger pointing trailer trash….as if they have a clue." Then he makes that statement about how passing judgment is unproductive. Then, to cap it off, he accuses me of being a hypocrite, which is what he has just proven himself to be.

Judging from Mark's grammar, his syntax, his tendency towards projection, and his absence of knowledge about sociopathy (Abagnale is an open and shut case), I'm guessing he's also sensitive about his own education and socioeconomic background.

Anyway, a big thank you to "Mark" for providing yet another colorful example of a person whose most scathing insult is to accuse someone of being like him. 


Rifleman said...

Anyway, a big thank you to "Mark"

Which led me to this:

The Lies of Fred Brito and The Ultimate con man.

John Craig said...

Rifleman --
WOW. Thank you for digging that up. I had clicked on "Mark's" name, seen "Mark Esparza," and noticed that he only had two people in his Google circles, but hadn't looked into him any further than that. He does appear to be the con man described in those articles. And it now makes perfect sense that he would have been looking up Frank Abagnale, who led a very similar existence as a con man. And it also makes perfect sense that Brito would be very resentful of those who would disparage Abagnale and describe sociopaths as they are, since he himself is obviously one as well. I'm going to put this in a new post, thank you.