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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The missing joke about Obama

You don't have to look far on the internet to see a lot of nasty jokes about Obama. There are jokes about how he was born in Kenya. About how he is really a Muslim. About how he never had a serious job before he entered politics.

There are a slew of jokes about how Obama is effeminate, and about how he is less of a man than Vladimir Putin. There are Photoshopped pictures of him with a Pinocchio nose, in an Urkel outfit, and with a Hitler mustache.

There are even Photoshopped pictures making him and Michelle look like chimps, and jokes about how Obama is shit-colored.

On the mostly anonymous internet joke circuit, there's basically nothing considered sacred, or off-limits. Google-image "Obama jokes" and you'll see what I mean.

But the one thing you never see is a joke implying that Obama presents a danger to white women, or about Obama-as-rapist. Given that so many of the other jokes about him indulge in overt racial stereotypes, you'd think you might see something along these lines. But you simply never do.  

Certainly, as evidenced above, there are people who wouldn't be above making such jokes, if they resonated. If the President were a darker-skinned ex-football player, the internet would be plastered with jokes about locking up your wives and daughters and so on. That's how the internet works: if you think it, somebody's already put it online.

But Obama simply doesn't evoke those fears. Absolutely no one seems to suspect him of chasing white women. Or, really, any women. (If Herman Cain had somehow been elected, there would have been endless jokes along those lines. He would have been compared to a pimp, have been named as a "suspect" in countless unsolved rapes, would have been asked to provide a DNA sample, etc, etc.)

But in 2008, white America subconsciously felt about Obama the same way it felt back when Michael Jackson "dated" Brooke Shields in 1981: it's okay, really, we don't mind. Really. I mean, he seems like a nice guy. You know, harmless. 

The feeling back then was, our sweet little Brooke isn't about to be defiled by some big black thug. (And this was long before the public had heard anything about Jackson's child molesting.) 

For similar reasons, white America -- at least at first -- didn't mind having Obama take them to the prom. As it turned out, he was interested in stealing from their wallets. But he never evoked fears of rape. 

Subconsciously, white America knows


Mark Caplan said...

In mid 2012 the names of two of Obama's white ex-girlfriends came out. The second relationship ended in 1985, the year Obama moved to Chicago for the first time. Then there is a gap from 1985 until Obama met Michelle in 1989 with no female relationships mentioned by biographers, reporters, or gossip columnists.

Paavo said...

There is an Oscar Wildean witticism about there being only one thing worse than being assumed a rapist.

It is somewhat insulting if a woman's boyfriend or husband views you as safe male companion of their spouse, someone not capable of causing jealousy.

I guess men want to be seen as dangerous. Stereotypically black men are seen as dangerous. Some white men try to emulate their style of clothes, pattern of speech or way of walking to seem more dangerous. But of course it is not a good thing in every situation. I've heard whining from men with huge scary neck-tattoos. They complain about being discriminated against in some professions for looking too scary.

I'm not too familiar with US presidential debates. But it seems like Bernie Sanders as an old white male tries to be very shouty and aggressive and it works. Barack Obama in turn tried to play down his stereotypical dangerousness with more measured tones of voice and not waving his hands too much. Sanders needs to be as aggressive as possible, Obama needed to be as unthreatening as possible. Hillary has a problem, because people don't seem to like aggressive women

John Craig said...

Mark --
I heard about those "girlfriends," one of whom had conveniently moved to Australia. I don't buy it; I think they were just beards. He evidently has a long history as a gay man which the mainstream media simply refuses to look into.

John Craig said...

Paavo --
Hadn't heard that Wilde quote; I guess he knew what he was talking about.

I have no sympathy for men who get scary tattoos and then complain about people being put off by them. (Which I guess is your point.)

Yes, people do generally try to offset people's expectations for them. Obama campaigned as biracial, and a mediator who was good at working with people across the aisle, and somebody who would run a "transparent" administration. Of course it was all a con. But part of his con was to be married and appear heterosexual.

arandomperson said...

you know john that's the first genuinely original insight i've seen on this blog. by that i mean that the rest of your stuff is interesting but it's not new or fresh. "america knows, subconsciously" really hit home. well phrased.

John Craig said...

Arandomperson --
The first genuinely original insight???

(Why are you still reading it then?)

Anonymous said...

the rest is intelligent, but it doesn't give you an aha moment, if you know what i mean. i;m not trying to put you down, i'm saying that most of the time your observations are pretty intelligent. this is more than that.

Rifleman said...

I don't agree. I don't think he's the least bit gay.

He's a self centered narcissist so he's only interested in people who advance or support his ego.

He's too busy thinking and writing about himself to be interested in mere women.

Plus he's kindofa nerd.

Compare him to Romney's situation. A Mormon with only one wife but did Mitt appear to be the kind of guy who secretly wanted MORE wives because he's Mormon? No, he just seems too straight laced. Same with Obama.

Clinton has the reputation as a womanizing dirtbag but does that now automatically fit other southern politicians like Mike Huckabee? No.

Also maybe it's a reaction to his womanizing, White woman obsessed father. He defines himself as different than that.

But the one thing you never see is a joke implying that Obama presents a danger to white women, or a about Obama-as-rapist. Given that so many of the other jokes about him indulge in overt racial stereotypes, you'd think you might see something along these lines. But you simply never do.
Certainly, as evidenced above, there are people who wouldn't be above making such jokes, if they resonated. If the President were a darker-skinned ex-football player, the internet would be plastered with jokes about locking up your wives and daughters and so on.

Contrast the story below of what just happened to an 18 year old White Mormon girl virgin ON HER WAY TO CHURCH!!! with the endless stories of White cops manhandling black females. It's a media pattern that never ends.

Hastings was abducted in her family’s minivan from a Walgreens Pharmacy parking lot Oct. 11 where she had stopped to return a movie on her way to church. Hastings body was found in a wooded area in Dallas the following day.

Remnant said...

I've been predicting that Obama's first post-exit move would be to publicly declare that he is becoming a Muslim. Maybe it will be that he comes out. Or maybe both! That would make for some interesting reactions.

In any case, I'm still putting my money on "declares conversion to Islam." (In any case, he will certainly have more access to young boys if he does that!)

John Craig said...

Rifleman --
Agreed about Obama's self-centered narcissism, but unlike Romney, there's a lot of indication that he's had a homosexual past. (Take a look at the post I linked in the last word of this post.) I've made the mistake of thinking that guys who were actually gay were just nerdy in the past, too. I can think of two in particular, both were skinny guys with reputations for being brainiacs who weren't macho at all but who also weren't flamers in any way, and I just figured, nerds (as did most people who knew them). I was wrong.

Yes, that media pattern is so overt that it's amazing more people don't recognize it. It's just disgustingly hypocritical.

John Craig said...

Remnant --
I seriously doubt he'd declare either when he leaves office, because either would effectively be tacit admission of what a dishonest con man he is. But I do think the truth about his sexuality will gradually seep out.

I actually don't even think he's a Muslim, I don't see him as particularly religious. I just think he vaguely identifies with them since he was brought up partially (while in Indonesia) in a Muslim culture.

Former Darfur said...

If it is true that Obama is gay and that furthermore his handlers had two potential squawkers bumped off prematurely, then my guess is that he's in a good deal of danger from those handlers themselves once he is no longer in a position to do them much good.

However, I suspect it isn't true, although I agree there is a certain preponderance of evidence about the gay part. No one takes most of these kinds of "expose's" very seriously. Gays make these kind of claims against celebrities all the time, sometimes they are true, and sometimes they aren't, just as with women claiming they have had illicit relationships. Usually unless there is proof one way or another, no one much cares.

This reminds me of the conspiracy theories about the Kennedys or the Chicago mob having killed Marilyn Monroe. I doubt the Kennedys would have killed her because anything she had to say would have been dismissed as the ravings of an insane woman, given her history, and I even more doubt the Chicago mob had anything to do with it because that's neither the way mobsters work nor would it have been within "the rules" even if they had such an uncharacteristic idea. It's reasonably certain at this date is that Monroe was medicated by her psychiatrist and the female assistant he had gotten her to employ and that her death was probably inadvertent, but even absent that, neither the Kennedys nor the mob would have been likely suspects to any serious researcher.

Gays have a propensity to be killed in seemingly mysterious ways that usually turn out to have been the work of other gays motivated by jealousy or infatuation, and police are often in real life not all that interested in these cases once it becomes likely it's a gay on gay matter. Both due to career liability and also because many cops, while not gay-haters, figure that such things are inevitable and that scarce resources should not be as aggessively employed there: or it may well be that such killings defy The Narrative and the higher-ups tend to order them not that aggressively pursued. I don't know.

But if it is true, as I say, Obama himself is in great danger, and I suspect he's smart enough at least to know that. Ex-presidents have Secret Service protection, but it isn't at the level given that of a sitting President. And if there really is a shadowy organization at the heart of this, they have the money to pay for real professionals that can deal with that. If so, I'm guessing he will do exactly what he is told in such matters, and that coming out as gay would never suit their purposes. He would be more likely to "redsicover" his Muslim faith, again, if it fit his handlers' purposes, elsewise if he really is a Muslim he will continue to practice taqiya, and if he is really a closet atheist (which I believe to be the case) he will continue on as he is now.

Certainly, he is a malignant narcissist, and I personally think he is substantially less intelligent than many, even HBD and WN commentators, suppose. I suspect his IQ is no higher than 105 and could (especially if the all-powerful-handler theory is right) be as low as 95. But even that is smart enough to know what he is in for if he crosses them.

John Craig said...

Former Darfur --
I agree that gays are always trying to make their club seem bigger than it is, and that they prefer to claim the more desirable males as one of their number. And my initial reaction to the claims of that gay guy who said he'd shared cocaine with Obama and blown him in the back of a limo was just that: oh boy, another loony trying to get famous on the back of another famous guy. But then I start reading all the other stuff, and there was just too much evidence there to ignore. And most telling was the lack of previous girlfriends. If a narcissist Obama were heterosexual, he would have left a long trail of disgruntled girlfriends, and they were only able to produce two, one of whom had conveniently left the country years before.

Again, if there were just one or two of these reports of his homosexuality, I'd dismiss them offhand. But it's the preponderance of evidence, and the way it all fits together that convinced me.

I've heard that in NYC, the cops always know it's a gay on gay killing because it's particularly gruesome: gays evidently usually want to leave behind a disfigured corpse as part of their revenge. But the two killings in Chicago were evidently mob-style hits, which is not typical of gay on gay.

I agree, by the way, that Marilyn was not rubbed out by the mob, but simply died of a drug overdose, with the help of an unscrupulous physician.

I don't see Obama as being in any particular physical danger once he's out of the White House. But I do think that as the various Secret Service agents who've guarded him resign, their tongues will gradually loosen, and we'll hear more about his personal habits.

I agree that Obama is not nearly as smart as most suppose, though I'd peg his IQ a little higher than you do. What he is is clever in the way all con men are: he's a natural liar who's used to fooling people who aren't used to people like him. The way people give him credit for being brilliant because he can read a speech that someone else wrote for him off a Teleprompter is sickening.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts about Michelle Obama? There are rumors that she is a tranny. My thinking is who would want to go through all that effort to create a family (husband, wife, and children), living the role of the wife/mother, but actually being a man dressing, acting the part of a woman. If this rumor is true, then we have a bizarro first family in the White House.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
To tell the truth I think those rumors about Michelle being a tranny are ridiculous. There is a long record of her as Michelle Obama, stretching back to high school, then college, then law school. I actually find it a little embarrassing that some on the right think this; there's just no evidence for it, it goes against common sense, and it makes anybody who believes it look foolish. They're just basing it on the fact that Michelle has a few more male hormones than the average woman, but women come in a wide range of hormonal mixes, and she happens to be at the high testosterone end, but there's no question she's a woman. Barack Obama being a homosexual, on the other hand, there's a lot of evidence for.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't completely bought into the rumor. High testosterone explains Michelle Obama's features. A family photo of her as a baby, sitting on her mother's lap, clearly shows that the baby is s little girl, refuting the rumor that Michelle was born a boy. I have read comments on other websites where Michelle has been referred to as a tranny, but I wasn't convinced.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your explanation for why Michelle Obama isn't a tranny. You shut that rumor down in my mind, appreciating your explanation. I wasn't completely convinced. I'm happy for her daughters.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Sure. The prevalence of that rumor discredits some of the other true stories about the Obamas.

Random said...

There are tons of stuff that is weird about Obama.

To start with, there are all those rumors that young Obama was connected to the CIA, and that his parents may have been connected to the CIA as well. You can't just dismiss the rumors as crazy conspiracy theory because nothing about Obama's life story passes the smell test, and it's an undisputed fact that Obama did a stint for a company (BIC) that was known to be a front for the CIA.

Obama the lawyer, did the man ever actually practice law? Did he ever try a case in court? Did he ever publish anything in legal journals? Yet somehow he ended up teaching constitutional law at a prestigious university, a position that would normally be held by a legal ace. It doesn't pass the smell test!

It's also a fact that Obama was involved in shady real estate deals in Chicago:

John Craig said...

Random --
Yes, I've heard those rumors about his family being CIA; they seem plausible, though I haven't seen enough evidence to be convinced lone way or the other. Steve Sailer talked about that when Obama first became President.

No, he never actually practiced law. And he left absolutely no paper trail at Harvard Law, either, which was unheard of for an editor of the Law Review. The teaching of constitutional law at the U of Chicago can be written off to both the fact that he was editor of the Review, and affirmative action.

And yes, no question, he was a front for powerful interests in Chicago, who later helped his political career. As I recall, the way he bought his own house didn't quite pass the smell test either.

Gilbert Ratchet said...

You've seen this by now, yes?

John Craig said...

Gilbert --
No, I hadn't, thank you.

I was struck by this quote:

"A president who came to office on a wave of euphoria, appeared to lose momentum halfway through... has since rallied, helping us secure marriage equality, among other landmark initiatives that are transforming our place in America."

What are they thinking? When Obama first got elected, he claimed he was against gay marriage. Obviously, that was a lie, like so much else he said during his campaigns. But at the same time, is his history being whitewashed by the gay liberation movement?