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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Filial Respect Part XIII

Somehow the subject turned to half-breeds the other night, and I said, "That's why I'm so strong. I have hybrid vigor."

My son replied, "That's just more liberal bullshit. Anyway, with you it's more like someone took a random pile of Ford parts and Toyota parts and tried to mash them together and make it look like a car. It doesn't look right, and it also doesn't work."


Shaun F said...

You might let your son know that hybrids prevent the family tree from looking like a stump.

John Craig said...

Shaun --
?? Not sure I understand.

Shaun F said...

Well - certain areas of our country are pretty - well....local.

Runner Katy said...

Ouch! Wouldn't that also mean that he is the result of multiple "mashed parts", as well? I mean, why insult his own genetics?

John Craig said...

Katy --
Nice to hear from you. Well, that's true, but my son has always been willing to take a punch in order to give one.