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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Rachel Dolezal's thoughts

It's early in the game, but it looks increasingly as if Joe Biden is going to gaffe himself into irrelevancy. And no one seems to be excited about him to begin with anyway. Which means the candidate currently running second in the polls, Elizabeth Warren, may actually get the nomination.

You have to wonder what Rachel Dolezal thinks about this. She must be shaking her head, wondering where she went wrong.

A few guesses as to Dolezal's thoughts:

"What kind of double standard is this? I practically got crucified and they may actually nominate that lame ass bitch for President!"

"She didn't even have to go through the kind of childhood I did after my parents adopted those four black children. It wasn't easy having to compete for my parents' love!"

"And I don't think there was even any love there to begin with! After all, they're the assholes who turned me in! That self-righteous little prig Elizabeth Warren didn't have any of her relatives rat her out!"

"That bogus Pow Wow Chow recipe, which that phony said had been handed down through the generations in her family, turned out to be completely plagiarized! That sure casts doubt on that bullshit about that great-great-grandsquaw of hers! I know I can make okra and cornbread and collard greens way better than that bitch could ever make Pow Wow Chow!"

"And then she has the nerve to talk about where her high cheekbones came from! That shrew doesn't even have high cheekbones, she has fat cheeks like a goddamn squirrel!"

"I tried so much harder: I dyed and curled my hair, darkened my skin, and was always careful to apply the lipstick generously. I even married a brother to keep it real! That goodie two shoes didn't do shit, she even went the other way, from brunette to blonde, and still expected people to believe her lily white ass. Why did I have to go to all that effort for nothing? It's not fair!!"

"Why aren't I running for President? Someone please let the Democratic Party know I'm available. I'm tired of working as a hairdresser!"

"Hmm.....Maybe she'll pick me as her Vice Presidential candidate. We'd certainly make a good pair!"


ArthurinCali said...

The march to irrelevance for our country continues. TPTB can't even pretend to be respectable anymore.

If diversity and open boarders were truly a plus, China and Japan would've been all over it by now.

John Craig said...

Mr. T --
Quite true. There's no call for any countries to open their borders other than in the West. And China and Japan would laugh in the face of whoever suggested they take in a million Muslims.

I've heard that the Chinese have a derogatory name, "baizu," for Western whites who virtue signal by pretending to like other races better than their own, and who studiously ignore all evidence of real differences between the races and genders in an effort to appear "good."

ArthurinCali said...

To see the true face of future colonisation, look into the documentary "Empire of Dust" (2011).
A Belgian filmmaker follows a chinese representative in the Congo trying to build a highway. Obviously, hilarity ensues.
But, it is an accurate representation of how well diversity and tribalism interact.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
I'll put it on my list. I've heard a fair number of stories about people going to that continent with the best of intentions and returning thoroughly disillusioned.

Rachel Dolezal said...

Okay, who did it? Who stole my diary and gave it to you? Those were my personal thoughts and you exposed them to the world. Like my boy-friend Shaun King said, you are a mean aryan nazi, that's what you are.

Just kidding, it's actually Quartermain.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Good to hear from you. Ha, I'm neither Aryan nor a Nazi, but I have to plead guilty to being mean.

There really isn't much difference between Dolezal and Warren in terms of their scams.