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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Change in health care priorities

The New York Times ran an article in their business section this morning titled "A Shift Toward Fighting Fat." It talked about how the money targeting obesity has grown while the money aimed at stopping smoking has shrunk commensurately:

"And the nation's battle to shed pounds has in its corner the White House, with Michelle Obama leading a new campaign against childhood obesity. Shortly after the first lady kicked off the 'Let's Move' program, the administration awarded more funds to fight obesity than tobacco through two big new money sources for preventive health. The funds, totaling $1.15 billion, came from economic stimulus and health care reform legislation. They still provided $200 million for tobacco use prevention, but much more to grapple with obesity."

Come to think of it, it would be a bit awkward for Michelle Obama to make an anti-smoking campaign her signature cause as First Lady.

But it'd be awfully funny if she did.


Anonymous said...


I was haivng truoble raeding your blog post. You wrote that "the administration awarded more funs to fight obesity than tobacco."
Regardless, I am having fund reading your blog posts.


College Promoter

John Craig said...

College Promoter --
Thank you, I will make that correction and try to be more careful with my proofreading in the future.