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Friday, July 9, 2010

New episode of The Bachelor

I'm not a basketball fan, but the hoopla surrounding LeBron James' decision was so overwhelming that I found myself turning to ESPN during my Thursday evening channel surfing. They showed James' highlight reel, which was impressive, but the rest of the show -- or the three minutes I saw, in any case -- was less so.

It was reminiscent of nothing so much as The Bachelor, where the hotly pursued bachelor narrows down the field until he makes his choice. LeBron did everything but hand out red roses to the teams he rejected and humiliated. The only difference being, I don't think any of those girls felt nearly as humiliated as the rejected teams' owners seemed to.

(Or did the bachelor hand out the roses to the girls he picks? I'm not pretending not to know, I honestly don't remember.)


Anonymous said...

I guess this then is "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned."

John Craig said...

Guy --
Good analogy.

I thought Dan Gilbert came across even worse than LeBron. Gilbert, btw, is a guy who made his zillions by retailing online mortgages. I'm sure his business ethics highly qualify him to be couching his "woman scorned" letter in high-minded language about betrayal and lessons to children.

Anonymous said...

John, thought you might enjoy my favorite sports writer's position on Jesse Jackson's slavery comments regarding the LeBron circus.


John Craig said...

Wow, Jason Whitlock is really good. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Your analogy to LeBron and The Bachelor is perfect. I'm so glad the whole thing is over. It was just like a televised divorce.

John Craig said...

Thanks, and yes, the way they drew it out made it seem like all those other cheesy made-for-TV "reality" TV shows. Yecch.