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Friday, July 30, 2010

"This I know how to do."

The NY Post had an item on Page Six this morning about how President Obama attended a fundraiser at The Four Seasons yesterday and then went to a private dinner for "fashion royalty" at Anna Wintour's.

(The Devil raises money for Barack Obama? Only fitting, I guess.)

Obama gave a brief speech to Wintour's guests and said he wasn't worried about his low poll numbers. He said he planned to go on a national tour delivering the message to voters about his administration's achievements so far.

The Page Six article then quoted him as saying, "I've got my message across before and I'll do it again. This I know how to do."

That last sentence featured an interesting choice of word order. By placing the object at the beginning of the sentence he emphasized it, and set it apart.

It was almost as if he were saying, "This I know how to do -- even if I don't know how to do other things, like govern."

Perhaps it's my political bias that causes me to read this tacit admission into the sentence. But it was a noticeable choice of word order.

That I'm sure of.


Anonymous said...

Restore hope to the galaxy we must, Hmm. Defeat the Sith tea partiers, we can.

John Craig said...

Guy -- You just hit the nail on the head -- he's trying to channel Yoda. Or rather, Yoda he's trying to channel.