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Friday, July 23, 2010


A violent storm came through my hometown two days ago and much of the town (including our neighborhood) has been without power for almost two full days now. It certainly underlines how dependent we are on electricity.

I'm no Bear Grylls: put me in the jungle and I'd be dead within two days. I wouldn't know which plants to eat, how to kill an animal (or keep one from killing me), how to construct a rudimentary shelter, or even which water would be safe to drink.

There does seem to be something a little pathetic about a guy so utterly helpless he's almost like a newborn baby in many ways.

But as much fun as Bear is to watch on TV, I still have no particular desire to learn those things.

Most suburban -- or urban -- types are the same way. And the more civilization progresses, the softer we get. (I can't even imagine how harsh life must have been for those unfortunate souls who lived in the pre-internet era.)

Something has been lost.


Anonymous said...


Good post...

I try to pride myself in preparing for any disaster that could possible come my way. Learning survival quides, first aid, and being able to improvise, adapt and overcome is a major part of my life. I may never have to use any of these topics, but I couldn't live with myself if the need came up and I wasn't prepared. I appreciate your honesty on this topic and wan't you to know there will always be room in my bunker for you and your family !

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Thank you Tom, on both counts. You're definitely a survivalist. I'm pretty much the opposite -- which I guess makes me a "die-ist."