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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Echoes of OJ

(above, Bruno Souza with family; at right, Eliza Samudio)

Yesterday's NY Post ran the following article:

"One of Brazil's soccer superstars is under arrest for masterminding the murder of his former mistress -- a model and porn actress -- whose dismembered body was fed to dogs.

Bruno Souza, 25, and six other people, including his wife Dayane, are being held in the grisly case.

Souza, the goalkeeper for Brazil's championship Flamengo team, met the beautiful victim, Eliza Samudio, at a teammate's party last year and got her pregnant the first night they spent together, police said.

But he became enraged when she insisted on keeping the baby. Samudio filed a complaint in October, saying Souza beat her and tried to force her to swallow an abortion-inducing drug.

After their child, now four months old, was born and Samudio tried to prove Souza was the father, he hired a former police detective, Luiz Aparecido Santos, to kidnap, beat and murder her, investigators said....

Souza was taken in handcuffs from his prison cell for DNA testing yesterday to establish a physical link to the murder. But he exercised his legal right to refuse to give any samples.

Souza, who captained his team to the Brazilian championship last year, said he is innocent and has a "clear conscience." He complained that the Samudio case might spoil his chance to play for Brazil in the next World Cup."

A handsome black sports superstar (who also happens to be a sociopath, as the last paragraph indicates) gets in trouble for the grisly murder of a light-skinned woman he was involved with? I swear, I've heard this story somewhere before. I just can't figure out where.


Anonymous said...

What about the part when the handsome black sports superstar is acquitted?

John Craig said...

Guy --
I wonder -- could that happen? Brazil has always had a reputation as a place where justice is for sale, more so than this country.

Then again, they arrested his wife along with him, sounds like they're really out for revenge/justice. (His wife has such a pleasant face, too.)

Anonymous said...

How did it happen here?

Maybe they will convict the wife and acquit him?

This is the world in which people leave floral tributes to a murderer the day after he has committed suicide to escape capture after a manhunt

Justice and celebrity are incompatible

John Craig said...

Guy -- Hadn't heard of moat before, but Polanski, ugh (sound of gnashing teeth), you're right. What an outrage. Drugging someone without them knowing it is a crime, having sex with an underage girl is a crime, and having sex with anybody against their will is a crime. Let's just hope Hollywood has learned its lesson and will not express all sorts of sympathy for poor Roman this time around.