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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions of a Beta Male Part IV: At the strip club

Going to strip clubs isn't something an alpha male necessarily does on a regular basis. (Many alphas take pride in never paying for female company.) But when he does, his experience is far different from mine.

When an alpha enters a strip club and sees those naked women, he feels exuberant and thinks, time to par-tay! I feel....unclean.

After few minutes in a strip club, an alpha goes into that trance-like, raised-body-temperature, pre-sex state. I generally find that those tawdry surroundings leave me cold.

That bouncer who looks like a Hells Angel doesn't even register on the alpha's radar screen. I glance over at him several times and think about how easy it would be for him to beat me up.

When a stripper starts writhing around on a pole, an alpha thinks, "She must be getting pretty wet, doing that in front of me." I can't help but think, that face looks awfully blank; she must really despise the guys who come in here.

When the stripper gets on her hands and knees and wiggles her fanny, an alpha thinks, why can't his girlfriend look like that -- 'cause he would never tire of that ass. I find myself wondering whether the stripper works out or just stays in shape from her job.

When the stripper starts to hump the pole an alpha thinks about how he'd love to be that pole. I find myself wondering what kind of dysfunctional family she came from to end up doing this for a living.

When she sits on the stage and spreads her legs, an alpha male thinks, c'mon, take off that g-string! Let's see that sweet little pussy now!! I wonder: did her parents not love her?

When an alpha sees a pair of implants, he thinks, "Yeesss!! Double D's!" But obvious implants always seem to be saying, "Look at us, aren't we exciting" -- which tends to have the opposite effect on me.

When a stripper sidles up to an alpha and purrs, "I can tell, you're not like all the other guys who come in here," he thinks, yep, you got that right baby. I am all too aware of the direct translation: "Give me twenty dollars."

When an alpha male hears a stripper whisper, "Between you and I, you're a lot cuter than the rest of your friends," he thinks to himself, that's so true. I think, it's 'between you and me' -- your grammar is atrocious! Then I find myself wondering about her IQ.

After a while, an alpha starts to wonder how much she'd charge to meet him after her shift. I think, this is costing a lot of money; how soon can I go home without my buddies thinking I'm gay?

With an alpha, having his buddies around and knowing that all of them are as turned on as he is by this situation is both an affirmation of his own desires and a bonding experience. Personally, I want to see naked girls with my buddies around about as much as I would want to have sex with them around.

I'm sensitive. As a beta should be.


Anonymous said...


Perfectly stated,

I've been to a club only once and it definitely wasn't my thing, I kept my distance from the stage and couldn't get over how some guys just go absolutely crazy for that sort of thing. I just sat at the bar observing and thinking why did the girls have more ink on their bodies than the sailors I knew...

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Mad Dog --
Thank you. Right, it's just not an arousing situation. And those tattoos -- yecch.