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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Confessions of a beta male Part VI: Salesmanship

One of the things -- perhaps the main one -- that separates the successful from the unsuccessful is salesmanship. An alpha male just knows that he is going to be able to win people over to his side no matter what the circumstances. A beta male knows it's hopeless, that people will believe whatever they want to believe. Beta males are basically right, but both sets of opinions tend to be self-fulfilling.

Even though "sales" has long been a job associated with ass-kissing, the best salesmen are in fact alphas. 

In the movie version of Glengarry Glen Ross,  Alec Baldwin was ultimate alpha. He had absolutely no heart, but a ton of self-confidence. He gleefully bullied the other salesmen, exulted in his manipulative ability, and emphasized the killer instinct it took to close a deal. To me, he seemed scary.

It is often said about a certain salesman, "He could sell sand to an Arab," or, "He could sell snow to an Eskimo." I couldn't sell an air conditioner to an Arab, nor a parka to an Eskimo.

Good salesmen can sell you something they don't believe in, as well as product they actually believe in. I have a hard time selling something I believe in.

An alpha knows how to spot vulnerabilities, and exploit them. I mostly just display my own.

An alpha knows how to convince people he is their friend, even when he is not. Even when I'm someone's friend, I somehow manage to convince him I'm his enemy.

An alpha is skilled at making that "friend" feel that their friendship hangs in the balance if he doesn't do what the alpha wants; an alpha knows how to induce guilt. I am good at feeling that guilt.

Tony Robbins is the ultimate alpha, a confidence man who sells, literally, confidence. His workshops reportedly get people to believe in themselves. I not only can't get people to believe in themselves (my own lack of faith in them would be too obvious), if I took Robbins' course I wouldn't even believe in myself.

An alpha radiates enthusiasm and energy. I can never hide my disgust and weariness.

Alphas lie, but are believed because of their presentation. I tell the truth, but am not believed.

One alpha specialty is withering laughter at an opposing viewpoint. (You see this on political talk shows all the time.) When I hear a ridiculous viewpoint, I usually just look puzzled.

An alpha knows how to exploit the pregnant pause. My words tend to come spilling out in a confessional torrent.

An alpha can sell people on his preferred activity for the evening. I end up spending a lot of time by myself.

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