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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sex codes on campus

This article in today's NY Post about the new campus sex codes decreeing that if you have sex with your date after she's had a drink or two, you're guilty of sexual assault:

This new code raises some other questions. If both parties are drunk, does it still count as sexual assault? If a sober woman beds a drunken man, is she then guilty of assault?

Certainly an experienced drinker will be able to function better after a few drinks than a virtual teetotaler. Will that be taken into account?

Will intelligence be taken into account? If each drink takes approximately seven points of IQ from a person (my theory), wouldn't a person with an IQ of 150 who's had three drinks still be able to make a better decision than someone who starts off with a 110 IQ who's had only one?

And what if the two people have hooked up before, and one just happens to get drunk this time around? What if they've been in a long term relationship?

How many more false rape claims will this engender?


Anonymous said...

I think the safest thing for both parties would be for them to sign a consent and liability waiver form before hooking up. A pre-f**k as it were.

John Craig said...

G --
Good idea. (Have we come to that?)

But I have a better idea for exemplary behavior, which I will post later today.