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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Week III

Yet more examples of the all around usefulness of the creations from Paris this past spring:

Paco Rabanne has the perfect outfit for applying for a job as a Star Wars extra.

Tired of wearing those embarrassing hearing aids? Mr. Rabanne's sound dish will actually allow you to pick up conversations from across the room.

Paco again: Doorways may present a small problem, but if you stand next to your friends and twist back and forth quickly, you can fan them.

Paul & Joe have made dating far more efficient with this Hey-buddy-you're-halfway-to-third-base-already outfit.

Nothing says wash 'n wear and ease of care like a grass skirt! Pedro Lourenco has thoughtfully provided a headrest as well.

Thierry Mugler unveils the Oops-my-bathing-suit-ripped-so-I-had-to-wrap-this-towel-around-me look.

Want to show approval? Give this giant thumbs up by Thimister!

Valentin Yudashkin provides the absolute must-have for every wardrobe: a gown for your coronation.

Want to be left alone? Veronique Leroy has created the perfect I'm-sleepwalking-don't-disturb-me outfit.

In the mood to intimidate? This Disney-evil-queen costume by Viktor & Rolf will strike fear into anyone's heart!

Tired of being upstaged at the Kentucky Derby? This hat by Yohji Yamamoto will make the other ladies look like they're wearing beanies!

Stuck for something to wear to your next PTA meeting? This outfit by Alexander McQueen will go a long way toward explaining your child's lousy grades.


dgh said...

Thanks for my morning laugh! Very funny commentary! You could get a job doing this, John!

John Craig said...

Thank you Donna.

I've always wanted to work in the industry.

Anonymous said...


You're getting funnier with each post. I would write a pretty big check to have a female parent wear the last dress to the next high school PTA meeting just to watch the reaction--and wait for the police! Thanks, Brian

John Craig said...

Thanks Brian. I think we can be pretty sure no woman has ever worn that outfit anywhere other than a runway.