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Thursday, September 27, 2012

President "Eye Candy"

As has been amply documented, President Obama passed on meetings with other world leaders at the recent UN summit so that he could appear on The View, where he said, "I've been told I'm just eye candy."

The mainstream media, of course, let that pass without comment.

But can you imagine the outcry had Mitt Romney said that? It would have been labeled as another "gaffe," and the poison pouring forth from the media would have been nonstop:

"The man's vanity knowns no bounds."

"As if we needed any more proof that Romney is a complete lightweight!"

"Whoever told him that is, in the parlance of psychologists, an 'enabler'."

"Romney really needs to stick to his Teleprompter. Every time he goes off script, disaster strikes."

"Does this man have a death wish? Does he actually want to be President?"

"Libya has just murdered four Americans, Egypt is protesting, Achmadinejad almost has the bomb, our economy is imploding, unemployment is stubbornly high, America is divided, and Mitt Romney has his  eye fixed firmly on the mirror."

"The final nail in his coffin. His political epitaph will read: 'Here lies Mitt Romney, eye candy'."

But, unfortunately, Romney wasn't the one who talked about his looks. Obama was. So we get dead silence instead.


Pete said...

Whew, what a narcissist. Anybody who thinks Obama is nice looking needs a seeing-eye dog. They need to take a good, clear look at that mug of his. And that's apart from his contemptible, wimpy, metro physical presence. The regulars on The View are cretinous in the extreme. Listening to them talk is an excruciating experience, yet somehow they keep running the show year after year. I wonder if the public actually wants these creepy types or if the media just pushes them, creating an artificial market. That show had ugly by the ton.

John Craig said...

Pete --
With the obligatory disclaimer that judging looks is subjective, I completely agree with you about Obama.

The worse part isn't even that TV show; it's the Supreme Court. Both of Obama's choices would have fit right in on The View.

Baloo said...

Great point, well described. Linked to here:

John Craig said...

Baloo --
Thank you again.