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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Interesting article

I have no idea whether this story about Obama being gay is true.

I looked around WND, and while it has a definite -- conservative -- point of view, they seem to be honest.

If this story is not true, there should be a lawsuit. If it is, expect it to die a quiet death as it is ignored by the other media.


Anonymous said...

It would be my pleasure for Obama to be gay if he was an effective president. His gender preference is none of my business and no one else's-except maybe his wife, but that too is not my business. I would so love for there to be a great gay president rather than a straight ineffective bimbo socialist as president. So in essence, it really doesn't matter what he does or who he is in private any more than do we Americans question the sexual proclivities of any straight president's private life. Thanks, Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
Thanks, and I agree, his sexuality shouldn't -- and doesn't -- matter to his performance.....but it sure is interesting.

After putting that post up I spent about an hour and a half Googling him and Reggie Love and Kal Penn and reading about him and his college roommate and Rahm Emanuel's membership in Man's Country and Michelle's perpetually disgruntled expression and the fact that there are no whispers of other women at the White House and the relative lack of girlfriends before his marriage and I'm coming to the conclusion that he probably is gay.

Anonymous said...

Wow, despite what I said, that's pretty amazing! I mean, how can a man in his position have avoided this kind of scrutiny is very strange. I'll have to say that, upon reflection, I did have occasional passing thoughts about his gender and/or carnal desires because he seems just too "perfect" looking. I just did not have my gaydar up and running. That said, Senator Barney Frank apparently just married a guy, so these things do get past people. Anyway, a very interesting topic, even though I shouldn't care:-) Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
Believe me, everybody is interested in this kind of thing, especially when it involves the President of the United States. And I'm the same as you, it just never even occurred to me that he might be.

I have to imagine it's somewhat of an open secret at the White House. Also among certain members of the media, who just keep it quiet. Evidently JFK's liaison's at the White House were an open secret there too, even though the general public didn't find out about it until much later.