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Saturday, September 1, 2012


After I did that post about what to expect from Ryan Lochte's fashion line, a liberal woman I know told me, "You know, you don't have enough respect for dumb people."

Yes, she actually said that.

It's certainly the best explanation for -- and summation of -- liberalism that I've ever heard.


Gilbert Ratchet said...

That's weird. Liberals generally glory in their ostensible intelligence. To them, liberalism IS intelligence (and conservatism stupidity). I suppose they occasionally have sympathy for obviously dumb people, as long as they don't hold conservative opinions.

John Craig said...

Gilbert --
You're right, liberals often revel in their own "enlightenment" and consider fly-over-state "rednecks" the height of stupidity and ignorance. Look at how for so long they referred to themselves as "the intelligentsia."

However, there's a huge dichotomy in their attitude about intelligence, because the moment you try to talk about how the average IQ of a nation determines its wealth, or about how IQ and race are correlated, or IQ and income level, or how affirmative action is misguided, they start to scream and call you names (Nazi, racist, etc.). So where does that leave them? In Hypocrisy Land, as usual.

Also, by way of explanation, the liberal I quoted in the post is particularly illogical.

John Craig said...

PS --
This woman wasn't consciously trying to explain or justify liberalism. She was just unintentionally giving away her own mindset.