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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Olympian sex

A new book is out which describes the partying that goes on in the Olympic Village every four years.

I had heard this before, that the easiest place to get laid in the whole world is the Olympic Village at closing ceremonies. It makes perfect sense: you have a group of attractive young people, all of whom are in great shape, and most of whom -- both the men and the women -- have higher than average levels of testosterone. (Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sex drive as well as muscle-building for both genders.)

They all feel like relaxing after having competed in a tension-filled event for which they have trained for virtually their entire lives. They're well rested. They're away from home. And they either want to celebrate a good performance, or distract themselves after a bad one. you sit in front of the television set in late July and early August, be aware that most of the athletes you're watching are about to take place in an orgy of Olympic proportions.

Who can blame them?

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