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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Portrait of a phony

Yesterday I stumbled across a photographic essay called "Bill and Hillary through the years." I can't seem to locate the article today, but I was struck by how phony Bill Clinton looked in all of the shots. He always seemed to be posing, putting on whatever expression he thought most appropriate for the situation. But he always seemed to give himself away by overdoing it.

No matter how slick you are, if you're a sociopath who lives in a goldfish bowl, as Clinton did for eight years in the White House, you can't hide your sociopathy. The sociopaths themselves, of course, always think they're fooling us, but their overconfidence often does them in. Clinton has in fact fooled a lot of people, but he hasn't fooled as many as he thinks he has. For those of us schooled in the ways of sociopaths, he is a textbook case.

Here is a Youtube video of Clinton at the funeral of Ron Brown, his Commerce Secretary: Clinton is laughing and joking, but as soon as he sees the camera pointing at him, he looks down and wipes a nonexistent tear from his eye.

This is the same Bill Clinton who said, during an economic downturn, "I feel your pain." Translation: "I am an empathetic and sympathetic human being." The only problem is, no one who actually feels empathy and sympathy would ever feel the need to point that out.

Take a look at some of these pictures. If you look closely, you'll see each of his poses is almost too good to be true, i.e., he captures the expression he's trying to achieve almost perfectly, which "real" people almost never do.

Here's Bill's humble yet patriotic look:

Here are two photos of Bill shedding his famous crocodile tears (which involve no actual production of water):

Here's his "You can count on me to fight for you" look:

Here's his "Together, we're gonna win this thing" look:

Here's his "It's just so great to be here with all you wonderful folks -- and look who's here!" look:

Here's his justifiably angry, "I did not have sex with that woman" look:

Here's his "After all these years, I'm still just head over heels for Hillary" look:

Here is what is undoubtedly one of Clinton's favorite photographs of himself, from a rare lean phase. Note the faroff look in his eyes, as if he is contemplating weighty matters, combined with the determined set of his jaw, and the judicious stroking of his chin. What a statesman!

Please bear in mind, this is not just a lesson in Bill Clinton-ism; it is a lesson in sociopathy. Sociopaths often betray their own essentially dishonest natures by overdoing things, demonstrating the falseness of their emotions.

Now, if you didn't take a look at the Youtube video linked above, please do so; it's extremely illuminating.

(Here's my more detailed explanation of Bill Clinton's sociopathy.)


W O D said...

I just find it laughable. Like a little kid pretending to be good to suck up to the teacher.

There's this one youtube video which I can't find where he charms the pants of a female crowd...maybe it was Oprah it was quite amazing (more amazing the women were ready to drop their pants).

John Craig said...

W O D --
A sociopath's stock in trade is charm. And Clinton was charming, no question, as long as you didn't see through him.

The amazing thing to me is that, after so much misbehavior, after all the lies, so many people still believe in him.

blffcreek1967 said...

I first saw that footage of Clinton at his friend's funeral in the 1990s, and it captures everything about him perfectly. Bill's all about image. Anyone with discernment can see right through this guy. It was obvious in the 1990s that he was a phony, yet it was frustrating that so many people were fooled by him.

I felt the same thing when I started seeing Obama in 2007. He was clearly putting on an act, yet people were mesmerized by him. Now, it's so completely obvious that this man's motive are less than pure and that he says whatever is convenient. He lies blatantly, and yet the MSM ignores or downplays it. What's worse, is that there are still legions of Americans who think this guys is the savior!?

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
I've talke to two psychiatrists who are Democrats about Clinton, and both of them had to shrug and somewhat sheepishly admit that, yes, Clinton is a sociopath. He's just always on stage, always playing a role, always being completely fake. It is amazing, as you say, that so many people fall for that act.

Unknown said...

I've wanted to comment here before, and this post was a catalyst. I married a sociopath. He left me this last Christmas. When I said "You're leaving me at age 39 and 7 months pregnant with no place to move and no money for a rental down payment?" he responded with "Well you spread your legs for it". I was flabbergasted, and now realize how miserable I was with him. People said to me "But we saw how lovingly he looked at you in your wedding pictures!". The charm was for everyone but me.

John Craig said...

Rachel --
Yes, sociopaths use their charm like a weapon; sorry about your problems but you are better off without him.

Please feel free to comment anytime.

a.B.'s Multipass said...

" many people still believe in him. "
isn't it with each and every politician the same?? Or- do you know a honest one?
Honesty is NO category in politics. No one will survive a week- with this attribute!

John Craig said...

a.B's Multipass --
You make a good point. Let's just say Clinton is particularly phony. All politicians HAVE to posture and spin to some extent, but most are not quite sociopaths like Clinton. Or, if you prefer, most are not quite as adept at these arts as Clinton.

(You'll have to explain that moniker to me.)