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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maria Putin

The NY Post ran an article today about how the grieving Dutch are outraged that Vladimir Putin's daughter is living among them with her Dutch boyfriend in the wealthy suburb of Voorschoten. I was struck by her picture:

It's a somewhat blurry shot -- Vladimir undoubtedly discourages photos of his children -- but some things are still clear from it.

First, she's undeniably attractive, as pretty as she is sexy.

Second, and more interestingly, her relaxed pose and easy smile make her look extremely confident.

It's a confidence undoubtedly borne partly of her ability to attract men. But it goes beyond that. Most pretty women are just as insecure as the less physically blessed.

Some of Maria's confidence has to come from knowing her father is the most powerful man in the world. (The President of the United States doesn't have nearly as much leeway in his country as Putin does in his.)

And some of it must come from knowing her allowance is unlimited. (Vladimir Putin didn't stay in power just to give all the money away to the oligarchs.)

Maria's confidence has expressed itself in her willingness to live abroad. She could have stayed in Russia, and lived the life of a czarina. But she was adventurous enough to try her luck abroad.

Not that she really needed any luck.

I doubt that she jokes to her boyfriends that if they don't satisfy her she will have them eliminated.

But I can pretty much guarantee that her boyfriends have made those types of jokes to her.

There are worse things than going through life as Maria Putin.


Steven said...

haha yeah definitely, good conclusion.

She does look especially at ease now that you mention it.

On the worlds most powerful man issue, the Chinese premier? Or whoever is most powerful in the regime.

Or somebody we don't even know about perhaps :-O

Steven said...

oh here's an interesting question: is Putin a psychopath?

He seems to be quite popular among some sections online, including some Americans. People seem to think he is at least manly and decisive.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Somehow I don't think the Chinese Premier would be quite as powerful; they tend to do things more by committee over there, whereas Russia i smote of a one man show. Both countries have a lot of crony capitalism, but my guess is that Putin is also a lot richer than the Chinese Premier.

The only people we wouldn't have heard of who wield a lot of power would be kingpin drug dealers, and while the most successful are billionaires and have private armies, their armies don't compare in size to a sovereign country's, and they are constantly at risk of both assassination and arrest. And their one or two or three billion don't compare to the financial resources Putin can call upon.

Is Putin a psychopath? Interesting question. He's never struck me that way, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out. He didn't get to where he is by being a nice guy.

There are a lot of people in America who long for a strong leader with more traditional values. And there's a huge meme on the internet comparing Putin favorably to Obama. There's no question he's more manly and decisive.

Take a look at this post: