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Friday, May 15, 2015

Celebrity Jeopardy

This past week Jeopardy had its annual Celebrity Jeopardy tournament, where they invite three actors on to play for their favorite charities. The game is dumbed down to the point where the difficulty level is about the same as when they have the elementary school kids on to play. A few sample questions from Thursday's and Friday's shows:

Babe Paley once said, You can never be too rich or too this.

This coach said, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" [with a picture of Vince Lombardi being shown].

James Fenimore Cooper wrote this book, The Last of the ____.

In the category "Bull___": a word for the circle in the center of a dartboard.

In the same category: This mascot of Yale University is recognized by the American Kennel Club

This Secretary of State in the 1970's said, "Power is the great aphrodisiac."

In the category "Future Presidents": at Eureka College, he was an actor as well as student body president [with a picture of the young Ronald Reagan being shown].

In the same category: in 1925, he graduated from his Texas high school, then worked for a while picking grapes. (None of the actors got this one.)

The airport in this city is located at 5757 Wayne Newton Boulevard.

The airport in Pisa is named for this famous astronomer.

In this country, the airport in Gdansk is named for Lech Walesa.

In New York City, if you fly into this airport, your bags are marked "LGA."

In the category Best Pictures Oscars: in 1976, Sylvester Stallone won for this picture.

Yesterday, the contestants were asked to name a Swiss city where some event occurred (I can't remember the exact question). Two of the actors gave answers. The first replied "Vienna," and the second replied "Stockholm."

My favorite Celebrity Jeopardy answer of all time was from years ago, when the panel was asked which state bordered only one other state, New Hampshire. Actor Jay Thomas, who played Rhea Perlman's boyfriend on Cheers, immediately buzzed in and replied, 'Delaware!"

Watching Celebrity Jeopardy tells you everything you need to know about actors' political opinions.


Lucian Lafayette said...

I've heard it said that very intelligent actors are the exception since in most cases those with active intellects tend to "overthink" the part and are not able to project emotions well. Or, as a friend of mine who made his living as an actor once overheard a director say, "actors should never think. They're not equipped for it."


John Craig said...

Luke --
That makes perfect sense, actually. Performing and thinking -- both on stage and in the athletic arena -- do not combine well.

And if we need proof of what you say, just listen to Robert DeNiro or Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise in an interview sometime.

Anonymous said...

It always astounds me when anyone pays any attention to any celebrity type's opinion on anything whatsoever other than the craft of acting.

My barber has a lot of opinions too. He's a pretty opinionated guy. Should he be in public service announcements waggling his finger sadly at us about the dangers of Global Warming, or THird World poverty? Should he be in Washington testifying before Congress, lecturing them on farm policy? If not, why not? He knows as much about agricultural policy as anyone in Hollywood. Possibly more--he may have seen a farm, once.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Ha, so true.