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Friday, May 15, 2015

What nice girls do, Part II

After the recent post What nice girls do, in response to a comment from Remnant, I wrote:  

...One trend I've noticed is that there are a lot of people -- especially women -- who are sort of natural liberal types (soft, sensitive, full of maternal instinct, and not particularly logical) who embrace the causes of the environment and also the cause of gay rights. And they are outspoken about these causes. But they are strangely silent on the topic of race. And I can't help but suspect that many of them don't really believe in that "cause," whether because they see through its essential dishonesty or because of their personal experiences with blacks. They don't come out and say so, of course, because they've been brainwashed like everybody else into thinking that being realistic about race makes one evil. But, they don't espouse the cause, either.

I'd like to expand on this.

Among the young "nice girl" set these days, almost all seem to support environmental causes. Very few of them would actually consider refraining from taking a plane to some exotic locale, or from driving their car to the countryside, or from turning the heat up in their apartments. But many are willing to lecture the rest of us on how global warming is a reality and how we have to conserve resources. 

Most of them tend to express their personal commitment to the cause by buying slightly more expensive "eco-friendly" products, or taking part in Earth Day celebrations and the like. 

The young "nice girl" set also tends to support gay rights these days. Most of them have gay friends whom they like and feel comfortable with, and the idea that those friends should be prohibited from something -- like marriage -- that the rest of us can participate in does not seem fair. So they will attend rallies for gay marriage, etc. 

But if you look at the rallies led by people like Al Sharpton, the nice young girl set is almost completely absent. You'll occasionally see somewhat crazed-looking, middle aged white women there. And you'll occasionally see fat young white women with purple hair and nose rings, and their ilk. But you almost never see the "nice girl" crowd.

And when you talk to the nice girls, the vast majority are silent when it comes to racial politics. I sometimes wonder why this is so. Is it because they sense that what the media and academia feed us on the subject is misleading? Is it because of what they've noticed at college about the effects of affirmative action? Is is because of their personal experiences with blacks who've been rude to them? Is it because they feel personally threatened by blacks?

I just don't know.

None of these nice young girls are even remotely white nationalists. But, they're not passionate about racial egalitarianism the way are about other liberal causes, and rarely broach the subject.

And it's a deafening silence. 


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'll take a stab at it. Nice girls don't like conflict. They don't like screaming or cursing or anger or molotov cocktails or anything dangerous.

They decorate their worlds with beauty -- flower stickers, painted nails, cute clothes, emojis -- and recoil from the harsh, sharp-edged world of in-your-face activism.

For example, one of the girls who used to teach my children in nursery school. Super sweet, maternal, loves puppies and kittens and recycling and generally being "good." Supports gay marriage, b/c as you said, she has gay friends whom she really likes and she doesn't want to see them sad or excluded.

Nice people should be treated nicely.

As for race? She would be an advocate for little black boys and girls in her classroom, shower them with affection and praise, but she would never take it to the streets and certainly any kind of "urban" behavior would be a complete turn-off to her.

The white women you see protesting alongside Al et co. are really expressing their own anger at white men. Why are they angry? Who knows. There are probably a host of reasons, starting as John always does, with poor familial relations.

"Racism" gives them justifiable cover for a raging fury that already exists within. Trust me. Happy people don't spend their weekends screaming at cops.

- Gardner

Anonymous said...

Me again.

I forgot to add that nice girls are extremely put off by the racist and classless name-calling so often associated with white awareness. Comparing people to animals, wishing violence upon others and using base, cruel language will scare away nice girls. Men with shaved heads, tattoos, swaggering around using racial epithets will NEVER be appealing to nice girls.

And that is what they associate with white awareness, because let's face it, not on this site, but on so many sites, that's the kind of language and attitude you see. And then it delves into the anti-semitism, and the anti-Asian and women are all sluts and hamsters and on and on.

You just simply cannot attract the nice girls with negativity.

A way to get nice girls into white awareness is by focusing on specific cultures -- French (the food!) or Irish (the folk music!) or what have you. Nice girls love that stuff!

White men should organize more of that stuff and stop writing blogs about game and MRA.


John Craig said...

Gardner --
I think you've captured the situation perfectly. Exactly, nice girls don't like conflict. And they should, as you say, be treated nicely.

And yes, those white women jeering at the police are just showing their hatred for everything the police represent to them, which is (a) their fathers, and (b) all the white guys who have shown zero interest in them.

I often look at those Occupy Wall Street types and think to myself, they're basically just a bunch of unruly children (emotionally) who are throwing a temper tantrum against their own parents. But they can't get away with acting that way to their own parents, so they undergo their therapy on the streets.

And thank you for that last thought in your first comment: "Happy people don't spend their weekends screaming at cops." That's actually a happy thought for me.

I agree that nice girls don't go for the Aryan Brotherhood white nationalist types. But there IS a certain type of woman who does, and who likes the primal masculinity associated with those types, which is often missing from the more genteel, socialized sort of men whom you and I grew up with.

Truly nice girls don't go for negativity; but there are plenty of girls from middle class, sometimes even upper middle class backgrounds, who do. I know how you feel about Heartiste and that whole game-playing mindset, but it does work with a certain type of woman. Of course, none of those Game guys recommend joining the AB.

I agree that nice girls are often entranced by foreign cultures: they're new, they're neat, and they're exotic, at least at first.

Gardner, I have to admit, your comments were actually better than my post.

Steven said...

White nationalists are kind of the opposite of nice girls.

But being a nice girl doesn't make you immune to observation and judgement and there are certain parts of black culture they will be turned off by too.

Plus the type of nice girls you are talking about don't tend to live near the ghetto and they just don't really see it as their cause.

John Craig said...

Steven --
True, they don't grow up near the ghetto, but they do go to college, where they are inculcated with all of the usual brainwashing about "white privilege" and "racism" and all the other fashionable explanations for why black people don't do as well academically and financially. Yet, when they get home, they are strangely silent about those things, while being quite vocal about environmentalism and gay rights.

Steven said...

...this is based on them not being at #blacklivesmatter protests?

You can't really tell on the internet whether liberals who comment about race are nice girls or not...and I presume you don't have a big circle of nice girl just wondering how you've gathered that they go silent on it...?

btw you might be interested in this:

John Craig said...

Steven --
My observations are based partly on seeing lots of pictures of various protests, but also on what I've seen in my hometown, which if filled with "nice girl" types. Also, I have some contact with my daughter and her friends, who are that type. All of them are into the environment, all are outspoken -- sometimes scathingly so -- about gay rights. But I've never heard any of them broach the subject of race, despite all of what they must have heard at school.

Yes, I'm familiar with that dynamic. Schools like Harvard are desperate not to become too Asian, which is what would happen if they let people in purely on academic merit. They look at places like Cal which are full of the sort of faceless, dull Asian grinds who get great grades but contribute next to nothing to the life of the campus, and don't want to become like that. So they've put more emphasis on "holistic" admissions policies in order to avoid that fate. Ironically, white people are now benefitting from the same sort of thinking which works against them when it comes to blacks andHispanics.

Steven said...

oh I see. I thought your daughter might have something to do with it. I guess you live in one of those middle/upper middle class towns- prime spot for nice girls. Where I'm from, its working class/lower middle class and the young women are mostly apolitical and not too interested in the environment or liberal causes.

re Harvard, I didn't realise all of that.

jova said...

good post

so hard to figure out the minds of young girls. I think they are basically followers , and spend almost 0 brain power to try an analyze their political views.

I dated 2 "nice girl" in college. This was between 1988-1992, so gay marriage was not a topic of conversation at that time. But tolerance for gays was already the standard liberal view. I imagine they would have been opposed to gay marriage , although they were tolerant of gays.

When i got to know them, I was surprised their racial views would have offended most liberals at the time. One girl was considered a hippy by her conservative friends from High School, which surprised me. But she was a typical nice girl liberal. I was shocked when we were watching boys in the hood together, she was disgusted by the sex scene, and told me she thought black people were animals and disgusted her.

at the time I was a liberal, and had typical liberal views on blacks and race, so her views bothered me a little. But i still loved the girl. Never actually discussed race with her, I never responded to the comments she made. She grew up in a very white town in NJ. I had more exposure to blacks, having black cousins and going to a Private High School in Philadelphia which was 12% Black. but they were all above average IQ from middle class families, which probably had a big influence on my racial views.

having a Black uncle, and cousins, who lived in my town, I was exposed to less anti black rhetoric, as my friends and neighbors all knew I had Black cousins, so I was sheltered from such talk. I realized this as I got older, they avoided such discussion around me, to avoid offending me.

John Craig said...

Jova --
Thanks. And I appreciate your honesty about your formerly liberal views. (A lot of people are reluctant to admit to views they've grown out of.)

I think you're right about the amount of brainpower most young girl devote to political analysis. But your college girlfriend was at least honest when it came to her feelings.

Interesting about how you weren't exposed to much racial talk as a youngster because of your family's makeup. I've seen that dynamic at play with others, too; it definitely exists.

Anonymous said...

"so hard to figure out the minds of young girls. I think they are basically followers"

Yes, unlike young boys who are bravely staking out unknown territory in front of the Wii or X-box . . .

Nice girls don't want to challenge their parents, their teachers, their mentors. They don's want to believe everything everyone's ever said is a lie. They can't take on the whole world. It's easier to go along with the lie if it makes everybody happy.

Not that they know it's a lie, but if they suspect it, they back away quickly. If beaconing a race realist means losing your friends, your status, your parent's approval -- forget it. Ain't gonna happen.


John Craig said...

Gardner --
You're right about most young men, but there is a crucial difference between the average boy and the average girl on this score: the average boy doesn't seem to feel quite the same need to be agreeable. And that allows him to think impure, un-pc thoughts with greater ease.

There's also another subtle dynamic going on: some young men feel the need to prove that they're "badass," as a way of proving their masculinity. And one of the ways they can be badass is to become racists, in the old-fashioned, Aryan Brotherhood sense of the term. Now, that's just as mindless as the need to be agreeable is with young women. But, once the young men start down that path, at least they will have greater potential to become race realists. Certainly, many young men who go down that path will end up as moronic n-word-using simpletons; but some will simply have their eyes opened in a way that more agreeable peoples' eyes will never be. And there is a gender divide there.

jova said...

from my experience , most freshmen at college have political views similar to their parents. Most teenagers have not had much exposure to alternative points of views. But due to the culture on campus , many become more leftists to fit and and avoid confrontation with the PC police.

in college I gradually became a libertarian. This was an easier transition for someone who was liberal. Having children further altered my ideology, as I started to accept HBD arguments and became more conservative.

the leftists I knew all became more mainstream after they had children. not many radical feminists are married with kids. If only married people voted , no democrat would ever get elected.

John Craig said...

Jova --
I think a lot of college students avoid confrontations with the leftist pc police, and don't pick arguments, but I have to think a lot of them are dismayed by the Orwellian environment on campuses and privately think uncharitable thoughts about them. In fact, I think a fairly large number of students must be radicalized in the other direction due to their contact with the pc police. I know that's what happened to me.

You're right about the marriage gap, that was well documented in the last Presidential election.

Remnant said...

I remember reading recently about analyses of "racial profiling" in online dating websites, and that white women were by far the most .. ah, shall we say ... selective. (If you want to get granular, I believe Jewish woman as a sub-set were the most selective.) In other words, as a percentage, more white women stated that they were only interested in white men. All other groups were, to varying degrees, more open to dating outside their race, in predictable patterns of course: white men were more willing to date Asians and Hispanics in addition to whites; Asian women were open to dating white men, etc.

One other point I would make in response to John's post and Gardner's excellent comment is that what we are really talking about here used to be known as "normal behavior". The reason it is so hard to put a name on it, and why calling it White nationalism or something loaded like that feels inappropriate, is because it is fundamentally something unremarkable and normal. As Jared Taylor is wont to say, his views on race -- until a few decades ago -- were like the air we breathed, and are indistinguishable from the views held, not just by his forefathers, but by current people all over the world .

What these white girls are doing is exactly what, for instance Korean, Japanese or Indian (dot not feather) girls would do in a similar situation: smile, be friendly, be polite and -- on a much deeper level -- make it clear that there is no f**king way they are going to get serious with a black guy, a black cause, some crazy SJW cause or anything else outside the norms of their society.

Again to paraphrase Taylor, there is no word for what he and people like the white girls you are describing are doing because it is simply natural human behavior.

John Craig said...

Remnant --
Couldn't agree more. I've looked through some of those dating sites in the past and am often struck by the different degrees of racial exclusivity shown by different groups, on average. And while there's no one who's ever disapproved of that specific type of exclusivity, I think that it will increasingly be seen as normal.

And you're right, the world has been turned on its head in the past 40 years, and in many cases, not only has common sense been thrown out the window, but it has become the sense that dare not speak its name. Thank goodness for the internet, where it can be expressed.

Runner Katy said...

I think Gardner said it best in his original post, but not about living a lie. I would consider myself to fall into that "nice girl" category, and I will not get involved in those types of rallies, as they only turn into riots. Violence is not in my nature, and I was raised in a nice community with all races (of course, mostly white) but to see all people for who they are as they behave, not for their color. I will similarly not spend time with trouble making white rednecks as I would with rioting African Americans. As a teen, I would have dated a respectable African, Asian or Hispanic the same as I would date a respectable white boy. I don't think I'm living a lie to avoid racism, I believe I am judging everyone by their behavior, no matter what their background or race is.

John Craig said...

Runner Katy --
That's how most of us are brought up to think. You're supposed to judge people by their character and not by their race.

But the problem is, a lot of people can't seem to tell the difference between judging a person by his race and judging a race by its people. to do the former is unfair, but not to do the latter is simply ostrich-like. And now we're supposed to believe that doing the latter makes you evil, which is ridiculous.