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Monday, May 11, 2015

"Pakistan kept bin Laden prisoner before SEALs raid: journalist"

This is a fascinating story.  Bin laden was a virtual prisoner even before he was killed? The US did not learn of his whereabouts from the couriers but from a senior Pakistani intelligence officer who wanted to collect on the $25 million bounty? And bin Laden's burial at sea never took place?

It's hard to say who's telling the truth. But at this point it does seem as if Seymour Hersh, 78, who first gained fame for exposing the My Lai massacre during the Viet Nam War, has more credibility than the Obama administration.


Steven said...

I guess this sounds more plausible than the maverick female intelligence officer single handedly tracking him down in zero dark thirty.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Unfortunately, that there was treachery in the upper reaches of Pakistani intelligence and then the Obama administration took undeserved credit is easier to believe than that there was heroism and genius -- though I'm still not quite sure whom to believe.

Mark Caplan said...

It's good news that we had elements of Pakistan's intelligence service cooperating with us instead of supporting Al Qaeda and the Taliban. By exposing a secret ally in the War on Islamic Terror, Hersh has undermined our national security (unless I'm reading the somewhat confusing story incorrectly).

John Craig said...

Mark --
Good point, but it's not clear what's happened to that guy. Hersh DID describe him as EX-intelligence. Maybe he's in the US enjoying some form of witness protection. It's not clear.

And yes, the more friends we have, the better. Though I guess friendship was hardly his motivation.

Mark Caplan said...

Part of the Hersh account is that Pakistani intelligence was holding Osama bin Laden prisoner to use as leverage against Taliban and Al Qaeda operations inside Pakistan. The US also doesn't want Islamic extremists operating in Pakistan, a nuclear power.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Good point. If Pakistan was in fact using Osama as leverage against the Taliban and al Qaeda, though, a lot of them must have known about it. And what was in all those computer files that the SEALs took from that compound (beside porn)? I wonder if we'll ever find out.

In any case Hersh has thrown some doubt on the administration account. I just hope the truth emerges sooner or later, possibly from ex-SEALs who were part of the operation.

Dave Moriarty said...

By now we should all know the govt ALWAYS spins stories and the reality might not have anything close to what is represented. witness these headlines from 1800's as the Indians were basically exterminated

"Navajo's choose desert condos for
retirement villas"

"Comanches say new diet cause for emaciated look not forced starvation"

we can be more recent with our boys in the 60's

"Destroyers feelings hurt in Gulf of Tonkin and three little boats make waves to upset the lads lunch break"

there is just no way to believe the govt is telling anything straight

yeah CPI .1 % yeah I believe that if you believe I am next olympic gymnast champ

John Craig said...

Dave --
Ha! Yes, all administrations are dishonest, although I think the current one has taken it to a new level. They "insult our intelligence" all the time.

Benghazi being a peaceful demonstration about an internet video that got out of control is about on the level of "Navajos choose desert condos for retirement villas."

Although, I have to admit, I never suspected that the bin Laden story might be false until Hersh said so.

Chris Mallory said...

Sorry Mark, nothing in Afghanistan or Pakistan have any thing to do with our national security. A sane immigration policy would end all "terrorist" threats to the United States. We the people have every right to know every thing our government is doing in our name.