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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Congressional hypocrisy

It emerged recently that Congress has paid off staffers who've complained about sexual harassment, but as of one day ago, the Congressional Compliance Office still refused to release the names of the Congressmen on whose behalf those payouts had been made.

That secrecy is a scandal in and of itself. But it's even worse that those harassed were paid off with taxpayer dollars. You and I paid for those Congressmens' misbehavior.

When Congress passed Obamacare, they exempted themselves from its requirements, and kept a more generous package for themselves. 

Congress has even exempted themselves from insider trading laws.

And there are several other laws that Congress is exempt from, including the Freedom of Information Act

Why is there not more outrage about this double standard? It's not even a partisan issue; the anger should be universal.


Anonymous said...

It seems you have this strange idea that what Congress does is your business. So nosy! As an aside, and I'm asking this because I truly don't have an answer and I really don't want to be so jaded...are there any members of Congress who you believe are there solely to represent the people who elected them and not enrich themselves in some way? I'm not looking for anyone from a specific party...just an honest, decent person.


John Craig said...

Hannah --
Honestly, I couldn't give you much of an individual personality profile on many members of Congress. I just hear about the ones who become famous, or infamous, for one reason or another, same as everyone else. And when enough of a person's life because well known, then you can render some kind of judgment. I'd have to think there are SOME honest, decent, well-meaning members of Congress.

That said, I agree with your overall characterization.

Anonymous said...

What's your impression of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the Senator from New York? She's a fan of HRC.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
She always had a reputation as Chuck Schumer's puppet, which I guess was warranted. Lately she's been on the warpath with the #Metoo movement, coming out against Moore and Trump on that score and saying (now that there isn't any political price to pay) that Bill Clinton should have resigned too. I vaguely recall her having to walk that one back a bit after it came out how closely she'd been allied with the Clintons. She strikes me as a flake.

Anonymous said...

Up through law school, she was known as Tina Rutnik, using her birth name, Kirsten from then on. Obviously, she's interested in politics, thus, having a career in politics. I have questioned what her personality is like. She's a lawyer, having claimed that HRC influenced her decision to become politically involved.

- Susan