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Monday, December 11, 2017

Now that David Cassidy is fair game........

Three weeks after David Cassidy's death on November 21, former model Samantha Fox announced that he had made an aggressive pass at her after she posed topless in one of his music videos.

Fox claims that she was disgusted to see that Cassidy had an erection while she was posing topless. Afterwards, during a dinner with her and her father, he evidently followed her into the ladies' room and kissed her while putting his hand on her breast and trying to put his other hand up her skirt.

She responded by kneeing him in the balls and elbowing him in the face.

What makes this story a little strange, apart from the fact that she would make this announcement right after his death, is that Fox says that as a teenager she had had a poster of Cassidy by her bed, and would kiss it every night before going to sleep.

In any case, dead people are no longer off limits to the #Metoo movement.

So, while we're at it, let's take a look at other men from the past. JFK was one of the most notorious rakes to ever live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He obviously needs to be completely discredited for his attitude toward women.

Likewise with FDR, Eisenhower, and LBJ, all of whom were known to have had mistresses while President. It's time to disavow their legacies as well.

Martin Luther King was a well known user of prostitutes. Time to repeal that holiday.

However, the #Metoo crowd should be relieved to know that we can leave the legacies of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George W. Bush untainted, since none of them were known to have had a mistress during their Presidencies.


Smallberries Worldwide said...

Samantha Fox reminds me of a lady I used to work with. If he would have ignored her or had been disinterested she probably would have started a rumor that David Cassidy was gay since she went to all that trouble of objectifying herself to her former dream man.

John Craig said...

Smallberries Worldwide --
Exactly. I Google-imaged her just out of curiosity, she looks exactly the way you would expect her to look, dumb and self-involved (if you can get that from a picture). Plus, she wasn't even pretty.

Anonymous said...

The use of prostitutes by MLK seems like a prudent decision, better than having affairs with married women or even young single girls. If Matt Lauer had been using prostitutes to get his sexual release instead of interns and co-workers his sex life may not have gotten him into trouble..same goes for Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein , etc.. Prostitutes tend to keep quiet about their clients, and they certainly would not be able to claim these men sexually harassed them.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Good point, in principle. The story I heard about MLK was that he was with three prostitutes the night before he was murdered, and that he beat one of them up. (I can't ascertain that.) He's also supposed to have slept with members of his congregation.

Consorting with lower level prostitutes comes with another set of risks, as they tend to be crime prone, drug addicted, have aggressive pimps, etc.