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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Actions speak louder than inmate pen pal requests

Here's another request for a pen pal from a Death Row inmate:

There are three pictures shown of Eddie Morgan Jr. He's sort of good-looking in a somewhat aggressive way.

Mr. Morgan makes himself sound like an awfully nice guy: He loves animals. He comes from "a wonderful family." He adores his mother and two sisters. When his father passed away, it was "a very difficult time" for him. He loves Jesus with all his heart, and also loves to help people in any way he can. He is "positive and upbeat," "down-to-earth," and "honest."

Sounds like just the kind of guy you'd want your sister to marry.

Note also that he is looking for a "genuine friendship." Not just any old friendship mind you, but a genuine one.

Now check out this description of his crime:

Quite a contrast.

It's always the worst people who take the greatest pains to point out how nice they are.


Anonymous said...

Is that like people who aren't "conservative enough" taking pains to point out how "severely conservative" they are? G

John Craig said...

G --
Good analogy, though I don't think MItt would be particularly pleased to be compared with Eddie, since Eddie's morals are closer to Newt's.

Pete said...

Looks like he's trying to work the religious angle what with his deep love for Jesus and all that. Probably figures there must be plenty of credulous people amongst the church goers, an assumption that's reasonable as others like him have also had success with this demographic.
It's like going after a specific share of the market. Mumia has had terrific success by posing as an outspoken radical, thus getting all those crazy lefties to mobilize for him. Jack Abbott got the literati like Norman Mailer to come out for him. They're all just like fisherman working different parts of the lake, varying their bait to see what they can reel in.

John Craig said...

Pete --
Well put.

A lot of the inmates seem to feel obliged to express their love for religion, their love for family, etc, in a bid to appear non-sociopathic. It's amazing how many fall for their acts.

Anonymous said...

I've never been one to even want to have a pen pal, especially an incarcerated one. This guy's another one who definitely belongs behind bars, a scary person.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
No question, most people don't end up on Death Row by accident.