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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Can't miss TV

There's a certain type of person who feels he -- or she -- has to watch an event just because it's gotten a lot of publicity. This type of person has no intrinsic interest in the event, it's just that it's been hyped up and so he feels he has to watch it.

Case in point: the Super Bowl. I know someone who isn't a football fan, doesn't know the first thing about football, and a week beforehand would not have been able to name the two teams playing, but feels she has to watch the Super Bowl just because, well, it's the Super Bowl.

Likewise, there are lots of people watching the Winter Olympics right now just because it's the Winter Olympics. How many of these fans tuned in to watch the world slalom championships last year, or follow the snowboarding half pipe competitions on non-Olympic years?

This type of person thinks that just because there's a lot of noise being made about something, it must be worthwhile. There's a certain inability to think for one's self implicit here.

I'm not entirely immune; I've been watching a little of the Winter Olympics, just because of the second word in their title. But I have close to zero interest in the sports being contested in Sochi.

Anyway, I'd finish this post….but there's a program on NBC I have to watch.


Anonymous said...

John--For a long time I thought there must be really something wrong with me (other than the obvious) for not watching or being interested in football and most especially the overhyped "Super Bowl". That said, I did notice this year I was thinking I should watch it--just because everyone else does. I still don't understand the hoopla. I guess I must be a racist:). Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
Group enthusiasm, we all succumb to some extent. I've never been a football fan, though I've also never wondered what was wrong with me for not doing so. I am wondering what's wrong with me though for turning on the TV to watch the Winter Olympics.