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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sociopath alert: Darren Sharper

This blog has stated numerous times that people generally don't go on about how caring and decent they are unless they aren't.

For instance, sociopathic prison inmates looking for pen pals will inevitably go on about what warm-hearted, considerate, loving people they are. (These self-descriptions never seem to jibe with the crimes that they are in for.)

Bernie Madoff's old business website described how personal integrity was the key to his business.

We were given another wonderful example of this this past week in the person of Darren Sharper, former NFL star, a vocal women's right advocate. He has been quoted as saying:

My daughter makes (me) mindful of how women are treated, undervalued and exploited, which is why I felt compelled to take advantage of this opportunity to speak up about domestic violence. 

Sharper was also active in A Call to Men, a national organization dedicated to preventing violence against women. 

Sharper is now under investigation for eleven druggings and seven rapes in four states. Evidently his modus operandi was to spike a woman's drink with a date rape drug, then rape her. 

Had Sharper merely been accused of being a serial rapist, it would be probable that he was a sociopath. Had it been known that he would initially be friendly to these women, and charm them, then surreptitiously drug them and rape them, it would be all but certain. 

That he actually was an active proponent of women's rights at the same time leaves absolutely no doubt. 

Most people would react to this story by thinking, "Wow, what a hypocrite! A guy who campaigns for women's rights then turns around and rapes them? What a scumbag!"

What most fail to realize is that a sociopathic serial rapist is far more likely than your average guy to pay lip service to stopping violence against women.

What better subterfuge for a rapist than to pretend to be a feminist? There are audible echoes of Bernie Madoff and all those prison pen pals here. 

The point of this post is not to name Sharper as a sociopath: that's a foregone conclusion. The point is merely to emphasize, once again, that whenever you hear someone advertise his good character, beware. 


arthur thurman said...

As always, someone who talks themselves up is to be taken with a grain of salt in regards to character. (unless in a job interview. Time to shine on that one.)

John Craig said...

Arthur --
At least in a job interview most people don't talk about how nice they are. (They're SUPPOSED to talk about how good they'd be at the job.)

Anonymous said...

It has been my experience when a business goes on about how religious they are, watch your wallet!

Anonymous said...

"Evidently his modus operandi was to spike a woman's drink with a date rape drug, then rape her."
It would be a waste of perfectly good Date Rape Drug if he didn't rape her. Sounds like an individual who knows how to effectively utilize his resources and get the job done. He should run for political office.

hooter tooter said...

What if someone warns that he is a bad character?

John Craig said...

First Anon --
That certainly rings true.

Second Anon --

Hooter Tooter --
There's a certain type of sociopath who takes pride in how vicious he is; you have to watch out for them too. On the other hand, if someone says once or twice they are bad in a truly remorseful, shamefaced way, chances are they're not that bad. Depends how they say it, I guess.

A said...

Another example of this is the former Swedish chief of police Göran "Captain Skirt" Lindberg, who made his name promoting gender issues in the police force, equality, blah blah... while at the same time being a pimp and a rapist (among his victims was apparently a 14 yo girl).

John Craig said...

A --
Hadn't heard of Goran Lindberg. Perfect example, thank you.