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Thursday, February 20, 2014

I had you at hello

A young man recently told me he'd noticed that you could pretty much tell which girls will have sex with you based on how they said hello.

If they light up when they see you, and greet you with a drawn out "hellooooo," it's pretty much a done deal.

If they give you a perky "Oh hi, how are you" or the like, it means they won't have sex with you. (Politeness is the kiss of death.)

But strangely, if they are somewhat brusque, and just said "Hey," or even downright rude, and just say, "Oh," the odds go up again. This is either because these are girls who are shy around you because they're attracted to you, or because they're the types don't care as much about social propriety.


Anonymous said...

John--unfortunately for me, and probably many other guys, is that the only thing consistent with the girls is their inconsistency. They're almost always throwing curve balls. Once the deal gets sealed, they will say later what they were thinking, if it ever gets that far. It's us who has to pass the test, not them, sad to say. Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
No question, they are the gatekeepers to sex. In terms of evolution, these instincts wouldn't make sense any other way: they are the ones who get pregnant for nine months and then suckle the baby. With males, there's no such equivalent investment.