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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Honey, sweetie…..

If you listen to this extended version of the tape of the conversation between Donald Sterling and his ex-mistress V. Stiviano, two things become apparent.

The first is that she is obviously trying to draw him out on the subject of race.

And the second is that she lards her conversation with so many "honey's" and "sweetie's" that you feel you need an insulin shot after listening to her for a while.

Her first line in the tape is, "Honey, I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

(Her syrupy tone of voice makes it hard not to hear: "If you want a blow job, I'll give you one.")

Meanwhile, she's taping him.

None of this is to excuse Sterling, but….beware of anyone who coos "honey" and "sweetie" all the time.


jova said...

I thought the exact same thing when I heard the 15 minute edited tape. I agree with Steve Sailer, sounds like the lawyer told her how to lead Sterling in conversation to discuss race. She was the one constantly mentioning the race of those in the photos, and asking why she can't have photos of Black people before he ever brought up the topic of race. She knew how to egg him on.

I suppose she has used this lawyer in the past, as she has a history of defrauding rich white males with her cunning seductions.

Her Lawyer claims they have over 100 hours of taped conversations with Sterling. so only 2% of the recordings have been made public. I wonder how long it took the prostitute to get the 15 minutes which doomed him. or did the lawyer do some effective splicing of the 600 minutes to get the 15 minutes required to damage his reputation. If I had 600 minutes of secretly taped conversations of anyone in America, I could make them look horrible. Must have taken months to get 100 hours of taped conversation. I doubt he talked to her on the phone more than 5 hours per week. Probably took 6 months of work to entrap Sterling. This lawyer has out in a lot of hours with the mistress.

Appears to be a conspiracy to entrap and blackmail Sterling. But Donald Sterling has already been tried and convicted by the media. He now faces ostracism and banishment from the NBA. (but the NAACP said they would forgive him , as long as he keeps donating cash)

all the old billionaires will be careful talking on the phone to their girlfriends going forward. The gold diggers union will be upset with this development.

John Craig said...

Jova --
ha! Well put. V. Stiviano has made it harder for all the other gold diggers to ply their trade.

And Sailer is now implying that it's not coincidence that it was Magic Johnson whose picture was taken with Stiviano, as he has fronted for the Guggenheim group before, when they bought the LA Dodgers. So I have to give kudos to you for having come up with the theory yesterday -- before even Sailer did.

Somehow, looking at pictures of Stiviano and listening to her voice, it's very easy for me to imagine her morphing Hollywood-style into one of those huge cartoon dragons which breathe fire and want nothing more than to kill people.

Unfortunately, there's no good guy in this story, no hero who's going to slay the dragon to protect the heroine; no heroine, either, for that matter.

jova said...

Sailor made the conspiracy more clear, sounds like Guggenheim and Michael Milken are involved with Magic. They used Magic as their front man to buy the Dodgers, and may be using the current situation to buy the Clippers at a discount. I agree with you, Magic was most likely not involved. They are probably just taking advantage of the situation. I think the conspiracy was hatched by her Lawyer, and he may be getting some compensation from the Guggenheim group to release the tapes.

Interesting that the mistress says she recorded the conversations because Sterling's memory was failing and he needed the recordings to re-fresh his memory. The guy probably has some dementia. I doubt he told her to tape their conversations, but if he does have a faulty memory, he would not be able to recall what he told her.

but I agree with you, everyone looks bad in this story, so it is hard to feel sympathy for Sterling.
But it is still legal to be a racist in America, and even the NBA has no regulations concerning racist language (too many players would be suspended)
His racial views of the world did not stop him from having a Black general Manager for 18 years (which was extremely rare in the NBA during the 80s) and he has one of the few Black coaches in the NBA.

But in the current environment words are more problematic than deeds. Starling was not ostracized for his known discriminations against blacks, but is being attacked for words he spoke to his mistress.

John Craig said...

Jova --
Sailer made a good case; the fact that Matt Kemp is an LA Dodger seems awfully coincidental at this point, and now Milken's possible involvement seems awfully plausible too.

Sterling's memory may be failing, and he could probably benefit from the presence of an aide in his business dealings, but why would he need to have his memory refreshed when it comes to conversations with his bimbo mistress? That makes no sense to me.

Sterling strikes me more and more as a typical billionaire liberal: ruthless in his business dealings, knowledgeable about racial differences, wanting to personally dissociate himself as much as possible from poor blacks and Hispanics, but also wanting credit for being a "great humanitarian" (hence the donations to the local NAACP).

My guess, if all this skullduggery on the part of Guggenheim Partners and possibly Michael Milken and possibly even Magic Johnson does turn out to be true, it will be ignored as much as possible by the mainstream media. Of course, given the amount of attention that has been given to this incident so far, it may be impossible to completely ignore, just as it was impossible to completely ignore the outcome of the Duke lacrosse case after the initial attention lavished on it.