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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sociopath alert: Vanessa Stiviano

It was fairly clear that V. Stiviano, as the media refers to her, was a sociopath from listening to her on that tape. Anyone capable of mustering so much syrupy sweetness to an old man she's trying to destroy is exhibiting a sociopathic level of shamelessness. That sort of false affection and false concern ("Can I get you a glass of juice honey?") is a hallmark of sociopaths.

The way she tried to draw him out on the subject of race also smacked of manipulation.

And if what Sterling's wife says is true, then Stiviano's long history of trying to cadge money and gifts off of rich old men is at the very least a yellow flag for sociopathy.

And why would she have all those other names: Monica Gallegos, Vanessa Perez, and Maria Valdez? A number of identities usually indicates either a shady past or a desire to constantly reinvent oneself; both tend to signify sociopathy.

Then there's that carnivorous appearance. You can't judge sociopathy based on appearance, but…. yikes:

(Stiviano's supposed to be part Mexican and part black, but somehow she ended up looking more like an Asian transvestite, almost a parody of a dragon lady. That degree of artifice is actually another yellow flag for sociopathy.)

In any case, what we'd seen of her so far added up to a heartless manipulator with no loyalty.

The Sports Illustrated article which came out today left no doubt. Stiviano is quoted as saying she's "very saddened" by the punishment meted out to Sterling by NBA Commissioner Silver.

She's also quoted as saying she "never wanted any harm to Donald."

Given that she's the one who set him up, this sort of false contrition and false emotionality can only mean one thing.

For good measure, Stiviano denied that she's ever had a romantic relationship with Sterling. (If that is the case, why did Sterling's friends tease him about the Instagram pictures of Stiviano with other men?)

Easy verdict: sociopath.


jova said...

She does sound like a sociopath. But I wonder if somebody helped her to entrap sterling.

V. Stiviano claimed not to have a sexual relationship with Sterling. Did she explain why she offered to give him a Blow Job on the tapes ?

did she explain why Sterling bought her a house, cars, etc.. and paid her $240,000 / year for expenses ?
maybe she needs to deny a sexual relationship to avoid being charged with prostitution or worse.

I wonder what the other 100 hours of tapes reveal about their relationship. Did the the lawyer spend 2 weeks listening to the tapes to find the 15 minutes they released. Could the other 6,000 minutes be as damaging ? Did she erase any of the tapes to protect herself.

Anonymous said...

Since V. Stiviano might not be her actual name, I'd like to know her true identity. She could be a man for all we know. Scary! I wonder if she has a criminal history. She certainly isn't a pretty woman, having a cold, dark look to her (no light in her eyes). I wish Mrs. Sterling well, taking this woman down (in court), getting most of the "gifts" back that her hubby, Mr. Sterling, gave to his mistress. That would be good karma. V. Stiviano is an absolute fake.


John Craig said...

Jova --
My guess is that she did have help, and as you presciently speculated before, it sounds more and more as if the whole thing might have been a conspiracy to gain control of the Clippers. However, even if she diid have help, that doesn't make her any less of a sociopath.

She never actually offered him a blow job on the tapes, that was just me (in the "honey, sweetie…" post) "interpreting" her tone of voice. But yes, it's hard to believe that Sterling just gave her all those expensive gifts purely out of the goodness of his heart.

And yes, I have to imagine that they released the most damaging portion of the tapes, and that the rest of them showed him merely to be the feeble old guy he is, and her to be what she is, a complete phony (and sociopath).

Glen Filthie said...

They both are.

Some people can evade it...but that karmic wheel goes round and people that dish that **** out eventually get it back in spades. I think one day this lady will get hers. I won't feel sorry for either of them.

John Craig said...

Birdie --
I think her original name was Maria Valdez. She claimed she changed it because she had been discriminated against for her Hispanic heritage, but that wouldn't explain "Monica Gallegos" and the other names.

I don't find her attractive myself, she's got too much dragon lady to her.

Couldn't agree more, she is a complete fake.

Anonymous said...

Total Sociopath... Watch the Barbara Walters interview where she says she feels sorry for him and displays "empathy" that he feels "alone" and unsupported. Sadistic. jim_reality

Anonymous said...

Sterling, besides being a bigot is no doubt a perverted old man.That any young woman would have sex with him makes me want to throw up. And why should anyone feel sorry for the Sterlings? Rich, ego maniacal people who look down on us common working folks

John Craig said...

Anon --
What's your definition of a perverted old man? One who wants sex with nubile young women? by that definition, most old men are perverted, even if it's only the billionaires who get to ct on their "perversions."

I don't think anyone feels sorry for the Sterlings, that wasn't the point of this post, it was to point out Stiviano's sociopathy, which is made no less real by Sterling's failings.