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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Is Barry Whiffing?"

Maureen Dowd had a caustic column in the NY Times (!) yesterday about Obama's petulant, wimpy persona.

The funniest paragraph was the sixth:

Even some of the chatterers who used to be in your corner now make derogatory remarks about your manhood. And that, I know, really gets under your skin because you think they just don’t get your style of coolly keeping your cards to yourself while you play the long game. Besides, how short memories are. You were the Ice Man who ordered up the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

It's hard not to see some veiled jabs there. First of all, "derogatory remarks about your manhood" is most likely a sly reference to his homosexuality. And that bit about the "Ice Man" is probably a sarcastic reference to Obama's having reportedly said no to the operation three separate times (as he was advised to by Valerie Jarrett) before he finally relented and gave the go ahead.

Dowd also refers to Obama's narcissism:

I empathize with you about being thin-skinned. When you hate being criticized, it’s hard to take a giant steaming plate of “you stink” every day, coming from all sides.

One of the most prominent characteristics of a narcissistic personality, of course, is that they can't stand being criticized. And the "all sides" is a way of pointing out that even a lot of Democrats are fed up with him these days. 

It took them long enough.


Anonymous said...

John, reading the NYTimes?? What has come into you?? ;)


John Craig said...

G --
The article was sent to me by a very mushy-headed friend of mine who does read the Times.

arthur thurman said...

Here's a Slate article that was interesting. Basically when he was first criticized it was racism but apparently now it's a good thing?

John Craig said...

Arthur --
Yes, basically that's the Left protesting that Obama isn't quite far left enough.