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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The following news item was on last night:

"FLA Christian School Fires Teacher over "Fornication" Claims.

A former Florida teacher said the administrators of a Christian school where she was employed fired her because she became pregnant just before her wedding, reported.

Now, she has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the private school in St. Cloud, Fla.

Jarrestta Hamilton said April of 2009 was the happiest month of her life. She was a newlywed and newly pregnant and teaching fourth graders at Southland Christian School. She said it was about that time when she was approached by the administration to talk about "maternity leave."

She said when asked, she admitted that the baby was conceived three weeks before the wedding. A week later, she said the school fired her. Attorney Ed Gay is helping Hamilton sue the school, claiming that her termination amounts to discrimination based on her pregnancy and marital status..."

Maybe this was just an excuse to fire an incompetent teacher. Maybe the school felt that if it inveighed against non-marital sex to the students, that it would look hypocritical to have them be taught by a teacher who conceived pre-maritally. Maybe they actually felt that she had committed a sin.

Whatever their real reasoning, it seems a bit.....unChristian to fire her. Did Jesus not accept Mary Magdalene?

Or is Christianity all about turning the other cheek.....doing unto others as you would have them do unto you....God accepting all of us (and all of us accepting God).....and waiting three weeks for that official contract from the state of Florida before letting your husband-to-be stick his thing into you?

That last part sounds a bit more like Islam.

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