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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teen lingo

The other day my 15-year-old daughter gave me a tutorial on expressions that teen-age girls use. (My guess is that boys don't use these as much.) Here goes:

Awky: adj, awkward, especially referring to a social situation.

Cool: adj, an all-purpose word to be used to express approval of virtually anything or anybody.

Legit: adj, used to express even stronger approval than the somewhat mild "cool."

Sketchy: adj, doubtful or weird; a claim which is somewhat dubious; can also be used to express disapproval of a person about whom you have misgivings.

TY: Short for "thank you"; to be used only when wanting to be purposely obnoxious.

GTFO: An internet acronym (short for "get the fuck out") adapted by teen girls for spoken use; must always be said with an implied exclamation point at the end.

STFU: Another internet acronym ("shut the fuck up") to be spoken with the same breathless delivery.

LOL: Yet another acronym, but to be used in spoken language only in an ironic way.

If you're the type who enjoys watching your teenage daughter squirm, use these words in front of her friends.

It'll be very awky for her, guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing John but a word of caution....

My teenage daughter has made it very clear that only a newb like me (noun. Short for newbie. Someone who is experienceing something for their first time and is a little lost/overwhelmed. Synonyms - rookie, freshman) would
capitalize LOL.

All teenagers use lowercase only - lol. Capitalization is a dead giveaway that an old fart is tryng to act cool.

She has me pegged.


John Craig said...

Maybe I didn't make it clear, those acronyms are spoken. The girls actually say "S-T-F-U" to each other, in person, so the capitalization is irrelevant.

Dave Moriarty said...

i am delighted to hear that a teen age girl will actually have a conversation with an adult...

i will try to make an appt with my 14 year old but so far she has pointed out that "You just don't get it dad" for any topic and arrrghh with rolling eyes whenever i say anything to her
i will weave in some of these tips and report back

John Craig said...

Dave -- My daughter does the same. After I used the words or acronyms a few times she said, "You sort of know what they mean but you use them the wrong way."

Will await your report.