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Friday, December 26, 2014

Pure Obama

The NY Post ran an article this evening with the headline, Obama says US less racially divided.

An excerpt:

President Obama says the United States is less racially divided despite the tensions raging from deadly police shootings and emotional protests. Compared to six years ago...when he made history as the first black president, Obama says American race relations are on the upswing.

Americans, however, seem to disagree.

A Bloomberg Politics survey out this month found a majority of Americans – 53 percent – feel interactions between white and black communities have deteriorated since Obama took office.

This is vintage Obama. First, he's saying something that's not true: there is obviously more racial enmity now than there was six years ago. Take a look at the comments section of that Yahoo article mentioned six posts ago if you have any doubt. 

Then, he takes credit for this nonexistent detente.

In fact, by installing the clearly racialist Eric Holder as Attorney General, and by hosting Al Sharpton in the White House on 62 different occasions, Obama has done more to set back race relations than any other President within memory. 

Another excerpt:

Obama also expressed optimism the New Year will usher in cooperation in Congress under GOP control. “Now you’ve got Republicans in a position where it’s not enough for them simply to grind the wheels of Congress to a halt and then blame me.”

After all, what better way is there to usher in this new spirit of cooperation than with a gratuitous insult?


Lucian Lafayette said...

At some point in the past I just started shaking my head and having another sip of coffee when I read stories such as the one referenced in this article. Many years ago, or as my son says "when dinosaurs roamed the earth", and Bill Clinton was in office an article ran in Reason magazine wherein the author postulated that Clinton might actually have a subtle cognitive that caused him to believe the things he said were true. The author was a psychologist so he might have had a point.

I don't know if you can ascribe such obvious lies to mental aberration or not. Personally I am a bit more cynical and always liked the statement that politicians are neither smarter, better, nor more gifted that we are. They are salesmen. The product they sell is themselves. They will say or do absolutely anything to make that sale. Any good they do is purely by accident.

While Obama is no longer supposed to be able to run for president (I am not holding my breath) there is always that mysterious "legacy" to consider so he is still out there selling.

John Craig said...

Luke --
I don't think Clinton believed hi sown lies. He was a sociopath, so knew what he was doing when he conned people:

I agree with your assessment of politicians in general. Some are better than others -- not all are pathological liars -- but they are all definitely salesmen.

Steven said...

John, unrelated but is there a way you can buy and sell shares from home without a middleman that anybody can set up? Can you recommend anything?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Sure, you can trade stocks online through Fidelity, E*Trade, any number of other online brokers. (Not sure who's available in the UK.)

I'd rather not get into recommending stocks here. In fact, I've forsworn that entirely. (I end up feeling worse about bad recommendations than i feel good about good ones.)

Steven said...

oh I didn't ask you to recommend stocks. I was asking you to recommend a trading platform.

I've got a couple of ideas of my own

I would be interested to know this though: how many companies do you have shares in at any one time?

John Craig said...

Steven --
I use the two I mentioned above, though I'm sure there are others that are perfectly fine too.

Maybe 15 or 20, though some are pretty small positions.

Mark Caplan said...

Obama reportedly made his "less racially divided" statement to NPR in an interview that airs tomorrow (Monday). Maybe they'll be a hard-hitting followup question, like, "In all humility, Your Magnificence, do you have data to support that seemingly idiotic assertion?"

John Craig said...

Mark --
I"m sure he has as much data as he had to support the notion that Benghazi was just a peaceful protest about an internet video that got out of hand.

I've been on the fence for a while as to whether Obama's a sociopath or just an extreme narcissist, but I'm really leaning towards sociopath as his pathological lying becomes more apparent every week.