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Monday, December 15, 2014

Hack attacks

It's been fun to follow this Sony saga, and see a liberal Obama donor like Amy Pascal get shown up for the hypocrite she is.

But, realistically, practically every large corporation could be shown in a similarly bad light if their emails were made public. None of us speak about people to their faces the same way we do behind their backs. So if all of our statements were made public, we'd all be in big trouble.

Just think of all the politically incorrect jokes that get forwarded in private. People do get in trouble for that kind of stuff. Or think of the porn so many men watch. What if their viewing habits were made public?

This is essentially what happened to Donald Sterling. His private conversations were made public. Even worse, in his case, his comments were taken out of context.

There should be a law that somehow indemnifies people from losing their jobs if their private conversations are made public, as happened to Sterling, and as may happen to Pascal.

Of course, no one can be indemnified against the personal fallout from such hacking attacks. Pascal's relationship with Angelina Jolie will certainly never be quite the same.

Pascal's emails, of course, are far more interesting to read about than those of most corporate execs, because her comments are about celebrities. Most of us would far rather hear the inside dirt on Jolie than, say, one oil exec's opinion of another.

This whole thing is thought to have started when Sony Pictures made the film, "The Interview," which ends with Kim Jong Un's head exploding. (Some have suggested that the hackers, who call themselves the "Guardians of Peace," are linked to the North Korean regime.)

At last report, the North Korean leader was fine; but Amy Pascal's career does seem to be exploding.

If it does, I won't shed a tear, because she's a typical liberal hypocrite. But do bear in mind, we're all vulnerable.

(By the way, the writer of this blog adores Kim Jong Un.)


Anonymous said...

I don't think Donald Sterling's comments were taken out of context. Everyone knew the situation: that his whore was cuckolding him in public by being photographed with black men. But that matters not, as there is simply no context allowed for whites to discuss blacks, ever, unless it is to kiss their holy purple asses.

Anonymous said...

The narcissist/sociopathic person (although she maybe lower on the spectrum or full blown who know's?) who led me to this blog unfortunately she has all my phone texts.

She has all my phone messages to everyone over a year long period, unfortunately there's a fair few sexts, and some texts express anger and frustration which were all only intended for someone very close to me to read (girlfriend mostly).

As with the Sony emails my texts were pretty mundane when taken in context, it's the people who interpret them as something they are not which are the problem.

I'm the "family scapegoat" to some of my family so the private texts made public have confirmed to them what a shitty person they already thought I was! Awesome!


John Craig said...

Andrew --
Ouch, that hurts. We're all guilty of saying stuff we wouldn't want everybody to hear. \

Has that woman actually forwarded those texts to the people you talked about? (It sounds that way from your comment.) if she did, then she's probably a sociopath and not just a narcissist.

Sociopaths love doing stuff like that, just to sow discord.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Yes she has forwarded information to my mum.

My mum is one of the saner ones in my family. She told me two nights ago.

One thing I've noticed is this sociopath loves information, for instance, she told me she got the HR girl drunk at her work. She said "HR knows everything" and mentioned two male workers were caught "together" this was the only thing I really remember her telling me (there was more) and fairly damning.

Back then 4? years ago I thought it was weird? now I would run!

She has falsely accused me of physical intimidation, twists words spreads information.

This is an example, she was employed by me in my business partnership, she came up to me and said "no one fuck's with me, you will be walking before I do" then told everyone she meant walking a way from the argument (there was no argument).

Things like that make you second guess yourself, I started to think was was there an argument? It's horrific and yes I did walk away from the business.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
Yes, she's definitely a sociopath. Have you ever looked into her family background? A lot of people get burned once and then are smarter, or at least warier, the next time around. You and I can count ourselves among that number.

Falsely accusing you of physical intimidation is very similar in spirit to a false rape accusation. Sociopathic women do that sort of thing regularly, especially in the current social climate. There is simply nothing they won't stoop to.

Anyway, my sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John.

I don't know much about her past but know enough from my experience.