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Friday, December 12, 2014

Sony executives apologize

As I mentioned yesterday, it's always interesting to see how people have to grovel after making an un-politically correct comments. Sure enough, yesterday both Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal released statements.

Pascal's statement, in particular, seemed an exercise in disingenuousness:

"The content of my emails to Scott were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am…."

The truth, of course, is the polar opposite: those emails reflect exactly who she is. It's the apology, obviously written with the help of her PR people, that has nothing to do with who she is. 

Which do you think is the more telling indicator of someone's true personality: an unguarded, off the cuff email -- or an official corporate memo, vetted by lawyers in a desperate attempt at damage control? 

Not that either of these executives should have to apologize. All they did was privately joke about a public figure. But the current social climate is one where even joking is not permissible. 

Now that Rudin and Pascal have taken themselves out to the woodshed, that will probably be the end of it. If they were Republicans, of course, they'd have to resign in disgrace. But they're Democrats, so all is forgiven. 


Steven said...

It seems like somebody has to apologise every 5 minutes. I'm getting tired of the pettiness. If you violate political correctness then you must humble yourself and reaffirm political correctness. That's actually kind of oppressive, not just petty.

I'm just waiting for somebody to say fuck off, I'm not sorry.

A common apologiser trick is "IF anybody was offended then I'm sorry" which means "I'm not really sorry about what I said but if anybody is so sensitive and easily offended as to be hurt by my
comments, then I'm sorry to them".

John Craig said...

Steven --
You're right.

I've become sort of a connoisseur of these apologies. Some are well done, as Rudin's was, if you click on the link in this post. (Rudin may not have written it himself, but it struck the right tone for this type of thing.) And some are almost humorous in their falsity, as Pascal's was.

And I also agree that they shouldn't have to apologize.

Anonymous said...

I like what the commenter Steve posted, agreeing with him - it really is all pettiness when you come down to it. If only the writer of an e-mail would do as Steve suggested, "-uck off, I'm not sorry." (I really don't like to curse, out loud or in writing, but sometimes these words are just so appropriate to expressing how one feels about something).


Glen Filthie said...

They may not be forgiven. That guy at Mozilla was a heretic too and he apologized but they burnt him at the stake anyways.

The dummies driving this agenda fully expect you to accept it and believe it in your heart, publicly and privately. Obviously these two aren't drinking their koolaid and the high priests of Political Correctness may yet demand a sacrifice to prove how much they love black people.

John Craig said...

Glen --
I'm actually enjoying watching the libs overplay their hand, it pushes more people over to the other side every day.

That said, I think these two are safe.

Steven said...

birdie, thanks. There does seem to be somebody demanding an apology every five minutes and it gets a bit tiresome. It would be quite satisfying to see somebody irreverently refuse to play ball one time.

In my opinion, people should just be allowed to speak freely and have their views challenged freely. The old definition of freedom of speech is correct- say whatever you want as long as you're not inciting violence (and I'd add personally abusing somebody).

Australian comic singer Kevin Bloody Wilson said:

"...I believe that political correctness is a croc of shit. It’s a contradiction in terms for a start. If it’s political there’s a real good chance it’s not fucking correct."

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments, agreeing with them.