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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Martha Nicholas, Part II

A commenter linked this video clip about Martha Nicholas, the sociopath who scammed people into believing that she had cancer, in response to my recent post:

Observe the way Martha's voice almost breaks as she says she may not see her son again. Look at her sincere expression as she speaks about her terminal diagnosis. Admire Martha's bravery as she announces that she is a three time cancer survivor and a current cancer fighter.

These whoppers are delivered with none of the hesitation that a normal person would have when lying.

If you were unfamiliar with sociopaths you'd have had absolutely no reason to doubt her.


Anonymous said...

Great actress, I'm impressed. My opinion is her husband was in on it with her but played as minimal a role publicly as he could get away with since he's probably not the thespian she is and didn't want to give the game away. He also has plausible deniability working for him as a defense.
Problem with scams like this is if they reach a certain size more people in a position to have specific or inside knowledge are apt to hear about it and can blow the whistle. Medical records for cancer treatment either exist or they don't.

John Craig said...

Yes, anyone who can summon tears on demand has a great edge in the manipulation department.

And yes, you've just outlined why sociopaths, small time ones at least, tend to move around a lot. Once people catch on to them, they have to move to greener pastures to find new victims.

Anonymous said...

Come on! There is obvious mental issues going on here.. I have never even seen HOLLYWOOD actors that could pull that off. Some how some way I think she convinced her self that she was dying. As for Steve.. That man is a war VETERAN.. He fought in the gulf war.. He fought for this country! Dont judge him until you know his side of the story..

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
There are Hollywood actors who can do what Martha did, that's what makes movies believable. Trust me, she didn't think she was dying of cancer; she just enjoyed playing the role. And now she claims to have amnesia? How convenient.

As for her husband, I salute his service to the country. But that doesn't give him carte blanche to do as he pleases afterward. I'm not saying he was necessarily in on the scam, but if he wasn't, he would have to have been awfully stupid.

Pinkfloyd said...

To "Anonymous": Everyone is entitled to have their story heard, of course. The fact that he's a "WAR VETERAN" (emphasis yours) doesn't entitle him to any more rights or leeway to "bend" the truth to suit his current situation. Believe it or not, there actually been some "WAR VETERANS" who have committed crimes! Wake up!