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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nice guys, average guys, and sociopaths (XII)

SITUATION: A young man asks his date up to his apartment after a movie. She coyly asks if she can trust him. How does he respond?

Nice guy: Says, “I don’t know” with his heart pounding and a weak attempt at a devilish smile, wondering if he will be able to work up the nerve to make a pass.

Average guy: Says, “I don’t know,” encouraged by her flirtatious response and hopeful she will go to bed with him.

Sociopath: Says, “I don’t know,” with exaggerated innocence, knowing she will have a hard time evading his date rape-like tactics.

SITUATION: A neighbor’s dog wanders into a 10-year-old’s backyard. What does the child do?

Nice boy: Says, "Good dog," scratches it behind its ears, and tries to get it to play with him. Looks into its eyes and feels that they are "soulful." Feels slightly bereft when it wanders off.

Average boy: Says “Shoo,” not wanting the dog to defecate on his lawn.

Sociopath-in-the-making: Says, “Here boy,” then squirts it with the garden hose. Or he flicks lit matches at it. Finds this highly amusing. Thinks, it serves the stupid dog right for coming into his yard.

SITUATION: A new bodyguard has just been hired by a celebrity. How does he go about his work?

Nice guy: Does his job responsibly and unobtrusively.

Average guy: Does his job responsibly; off the job, drops the celebrity’s name frequently. Enjoys thinking about what a badass he is, although he hopes that he will never be called on to actually put himself on the line with any genuine bad guys who want to hurt the celebrity.

Sociopath: Ignores real threats, but constantly throws his weight around, pushing aside young fans to clear a path for the celebrity. When a paparazzi appears, roughs him up in order to ingratiate himself with the celebrity. Hopes he'll get a chance to use his gun.


Anonymous said...

A sociopath guarding a celebrity would probably create the impression that he's indispensable, that he's protected the celebrity from vague, exaggerated threats, in order to foster a feeling of gratitude and dependence upon the sociopath. Sinking his hooks in, and exuding genuine seeming charm, the sociopath would then be on the lookout for what the celebrity can do for him by way of providing connections, jobs, favors, introductions, more money, etc. A real sociopath would consider the celebrity an opportunity to squeeze something out of the situation beyond just getting the job paycheck.

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
You're absolutely right, that's what an intelligent sociopath would do.