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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Should I apologize?

Got this comment yesterday on the post about Jennifer Aniston vs. other actresses I consider more attractive:

"Nothing but white women. Not a single Asian, Latina, or African-American female on your list. Interesting."

The commenter brings up an interesting point: should people apologize for who they are attracted to? I had stated clearly in the post that judging looks was subjective as well as silly. Then I showed pictures of eight women I found extremely attractive.

If this commenter asked a gay friend of his to list his eight all-time-most-attractive list, and there were no women, would he tut-tut, "Hmm, not a single woman. Interesting." Or if he asked Robert DeNiro for his list, and DeNiro answered honestly and named eight black women, what would the commenter's response be then?

Isn't the essence of gay liberation that you can't blame someone for something they can't help, i.e., whom they're attracted to? Should that consideration not be extended to others?

When I was in my twenties I managed to date every race and ethnicity. (I wasn't liberal, just adventurous.) At one point I considered Asian women more attractive. These days I tend to find white women more attractive. Should I apologize for that?

The eight women I chose were all slender. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Katherine Heigl just aren't my type. Should I be sorry for that as well?

There is a huge amount of dishonesty when it comes to attraction these days. You constantly see similar lists put out by publications like People and Maxim and GQ which always very carefully include representatives of all races. But is that an honest reflection of their editors' tastes, or are they just trying to be pc?

When Vanessa Williams was selected as the first black Miss America back in 1983, and Suzette Charles was selected as runner up, was it because all the judges that year happened to find them the most attractive and accomplished of all the contestants? Or was it because management had decided ahead of time that it was starting to get embarrassing that in the entire history of the pageant dating from 1921 they had never once selected a black woman?

Every guy has a type he finds most attractive, whether he's honest about it or not. I shouldn't have to apologize for mine any more than a gay man should apologize for being homosexual.


Brian Fradet said...

John--you featured those women who you found most attractive to you. What's wrong with that? That's very strange for sure. What you were doing is being true to yourself and that's all anyone wants. Congrats for that. Brian

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the comment include mention of African, Inuit, Pacific Islander, Australian aboriginal women etc. Interesting.

John Craig said...

Brian -- Thank you.

G -- You out-PCed the commenter. Clever tactic.

Anonymous said...

Loved this piece. And of course, never apologize. All the PC speak out there is getting on my nerves. (except for anonymous "G", whose comment was clever).

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Great Post, That's always been what I like about you, never sugarcoat it. You are who you are and your cards are always face up on the table. It's so refreshing these days to find someone who just lays it out there. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I know its your true feeling and thats what its all about.

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Thanks Mad Dog.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I wouldn't expect anyone to have to apologize for their preferences. Bottom line, who cares who someone is attracted to or not attracted to?

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
Thank you, and Amen.