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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's not too late to sue him for sexual harassment

Alfred Eisenstadt's photograph of the sailor who grabbed a passing nurse on VJ Day and bent her backwards to give her a kiss has, in the fifty-five years since it was shot, taken on iconic status. To many Americans, it symbolized the joy they felt as they celebrated the end of WWII. At least ten men have come forward claiming to have been the sailor in that picture. And at least eight women have claimed to be the nurse.

Question #1: If this happened now, say, after the last American soldier comes home from Iraq, would this woman complain of sexual harassment and call the authorities?

Question #2: If this man happened to be rich, how big an award could the woman expect in civil court? One million? Five million?

Question #3: Were we as a society crazier back then, or now?

You be the judge.

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